Hurricane Berit struck Norway damages of at least 34 million dollars

OSLO, November 28. / ITAR-TASS /. The damage caused by Hurricane Norway "Berit", experts estimate at least 200 million euros / 34 million dollars /. Previously voiced amount 50 million euros / 8.5 million /.

"In general, insurance premiums will be about 200 million crowns. But I have no doubt that this is not the final amount," — said the representative of the insurance company Gjensidige forsikring Steve Samuelsen channel NRK. According to him, more accurately determine the extent of damage and compensation will be possible only after the water come down, inundating coastal communities.

At the moment, due to landslides in different parts of the country are covered roads, flooded many houses in Lofoten water washed five fishing lodges, one of the islands — Veroy — completely cut off from civilization, as the raging elements destroyed helipad is located there.

Wind and high waves in the sea claimed pressed hay, boats, floating dock, in this regard, urges the police to be careful of all those who sail today — both small and large vessels.

At the same time in the morning Eygersunna still seeking two members of the crew of the film "The Twilight country" that a huge wave on Sunday swept right on the shore and carried out to sea. The search resumed this morning, they are conducted in an area of about 3 km and have not yet yielded results. "Today the weather is better than it was yesterday, we look to the darkness," — said the police search of Leif Seglem. But finding people alive rescuers no longer count.


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