I can not believe that ridiculous story house with assault — is in fact, and that the Americans are fool

I can not believe that the anecdote with assault mansion - it is in fact, and that Americans are foolsOne of my companion asked, "Are you still, absolutely can not assume that because it was written and the Americans heartily rejoice that bin Laden finally destroyed?"

Absolutely can not, I say. And not because they do not love America, as well as the opposite. And I can not believe that ridiculous story house with assault — is in fact, and that the Americans are fool.

It's not so long ago, Pakistani journalists dug around a little bit unhappy home in Abbottabad — Worthwhile things are clarified. House built in 2004, and during the period of construction there frequented by employees of ISI (Pakistani interdepartmental intelligence). In 2005, the house in a couple of times superior to all the houses in the environment, the tenants were settled. Local residents have made several attempts to get acquainted with the new neighbors, but failed. Then everyone decided that the estate belongs spies or military, or live in it secret nuclear scientist.

And what else one can conceive, if stretched over the fence Stitching wire energized, all approaches are controlled by cameras, and guard all strong men — by type of special forces?

Could such an object to remain unexplored, and even in the garrison town — a rhetorical question.

So all of these shows — for housewives, including our own. For which there is even a separate, special lightweight pop genre — "What they're stupid!" It's so nice — sit in front of TVs and sincerely believe that laughing at people living in the most powerful and richest country in the world.

One can bring a thousand arguments, arguing that the power and wealth of America — exaggerated and predict its near collapse, but only the collapse of all no, no, and in the foreseeable future is not expected. Nothing recalls? Remember how slowly and sadly decaying capitalism in the era of the Soviet Union, and as a Russian cultural figures ridiculed capitalists?

America worthy of respect. Among the rest, and as she wonders what will happen tomorrow. The countries, as we know, there are no friends and enemies — only interests. Supplies of oil and gas on the planet are finite, and when the cold comes home and car with the aircraft will be on a never-ending joke, the Yankees will not care about the fact that at one time, 100 years ago back, their president piously revered foreign sovereignty, earning those world love to America.

In the world there is a struggle for resources, to what you need:

a) take control of the deposit, as existing and anticipated transportation routes, and b) does not give the rest to do the same.

Can not you see how well Americans draped, maybe the only competitor of the future — China (bases in Central Asia and Afghanistan), cutting it off from the Near East? From the oil and gas rich Middle Eastern countries unfriendly to the U.S. remains one of Iran, which, on the views of many analysts (this, namely, read in his own interview last Russian intelligence chief Leonid Shebarshin) may become the next target. In addition, Iran is closely cooperating with China, which also goes against the interests of the South American.

In the near future with China increasingly friendly and Pakistan. The Chinese are interested not only in the Indian Ocean and access to oil and gas (there are a number of projects for the construction of pipelines from Iran and Turkmenistan to Pakistani ports on the Arabian Sea) — they still desire, that Uighur separatists operating in the north-west of China, finished support in the neighboring areas of Pakistan.

Maybe in Beijing sees Islamabad new powerful ally — the more so the case with the United States have become increasingly complex.

It has been claimed by Obama and Pakistan to find out what are the forces inside the country patronized bin Laden, and there is close to the large and clean — with the adjustment of the course, of course.

Bin Laden, reminiscent of vaudeville villain, the mysterious Al Qaeda, a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, where bearded men in turbans run sverhtehnologichny attacks, weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein that rattled, now that's a despot Gaddafi and apostate at the top Pakistani intelligence … All these things are very funny even fits in a fully rigorous scheme.

What they're stupid, Tone? They, like all different. There are stupid, but there is, judging from the position occupied by the United States in the world, very personal. Do not shameful to learn.

There is, however, an aspect. America increasingly becoming an empire. Curious how long can the empire in the criteria of the global world? In this regard, two questions:

One can whether to remain majestic power without becoming all this empire?

And if one can, it does not finish there America to be America?

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