I — my said purpose. Continued Part 2

However, the reverse sweep on the next goal was gone. In any case, within a radius of 10 km from the previous level of the new has not arisen. Do not worry, this sometimes happens when the plane turns around and his position under a certain angle of observation contributes to the reflection of the radar beam to the side, not back. "Well, so on the next turn it necessarily emerges!" — Commented the statement by one indicator. Desperate to make contact with a control order — big, like a herd of elephants, I leaned back in the chair and the edge of his eye, that it will not disappear, and rushing at me with the same course at breakneck speed and is very close — a little more than 100 km . Immediately came the voice of the operator: "Comrade Lieutenant, the goal in our neighborhood!" In school we were constantly taught to prioritize the wrong target, which moves to the center of the screen. One of our teachers was a military advisor in Vietnam, where the Americans are widely used homing missiles of "air-to-radar."
However, our own experience of providing flights also meant something. The speed of rotation of the radar antenna system — 6 rpm, that is, it makes a complete revolution in 10 seconds — very convenient to calculate the speed of air objects. Normally during this time stamp of the bomber was shifted by 2 km, and from the fighter in afterburner flight — 7 km. Our own "elephant" in 10 seconds flew 72 km! In general, it is nothing unusual, it is man-made, nearly the escape velocity. The goal dived into the "dead zone" radar. Frankly, much of an impression on the sergeants, none of this has produced.
"Nothing — I said — now we see where it will go in the east." However, the release of "Elephant" from the funnel of a "dead zone" we have not waited. But instead, on the same course and distance came another. With the same speed as he defeated 350 km in 50 seconds and also hiding somewhere above us. Behind him appeared the next, and another, and another. With remarkable regularity goals flew to the center of the screen, all of which were clearly visible in the forward hemisphere and completely observed in the back. In memory came scanty reports of aircraft that can fly at hypersonic speeds. When the number of high-speed "offenders" came up to the second mark, I asked the sergeant: "Sasha, look out onto the street, can you hear cotton, like airplanes when breaking the sound barrier?" Ten meters next to roaring diesel generator, but slams the front shock is usually even shook our car indicator, hung on the blocks. Svetomaskirovochnuyu sergeant drew the curtains to the lights on the cab bumped myriad of moths, and stuck his head in the doorway.
— Well, what's news? For three "elephant" have passed over us, the fourth is coming!
— Nothing not to hear, comrade lieutenant — came a voice from behind the curtain — only three stars have fallen.
"Interesting coincidence" — I thought, and added aloud: — Look, now the fourth crash! Behind the curtain appeared pale in the face glare indicators Sgt. A small voice he said:
— Yes, and the fourth has fallen!
— Wow! And this is interesting! I'll see what direction they will hear and? Operator, give me the last coordinates of the stars!
— Somewhere 303, 122! Included in our area!
A few seconds later the sky meteor crossed, emerging from nowhere and having gone nowhere. Rather, it was a light bar like the trace of a tracer bullet, which arose in the fraction of a second. From our position in the plane, it was observed incised 30 kilometers away, but for some reason the south-west to north-east with a slight decrease.
Lighting, find a slight trembling in his fingers. After some time on the target designation operator to another several times to contemplate controlled meteoric.
— Well, the Eagles! You have a great opportunity to make a lot of dembelsky wishes — in a cage at the alien is still full of shooting stars, said Sgt. — I have yet to try to figure out how much they paved over us corridor.

Reception cabin terrestrial radio altimeter PRV-11, which has led us into the night

As our altimeter sour a couple of months ago, roughly determine the height I tried on a range finder. However, the error in this case is, as they say lokatorschiki, "plus or minus two tram stops," but it's still better than nothing. The fact that the "spade" pattern on the P-type radar consists of five 35 narrow and one wide blades arranged one above the other with a small overlap. Therefore, consistently turning off the transmitters, but maintaining visibility purpose, it is theoretically possible to judge the air echelon of the goal. The task was very difficult, because each star was observed on the screen for five times. But by turning off all the lower channels, I noticed that on the maximum range goal of the third channel was observed. In my view is consistent with a height of 35.000 — 40.000 m Meanwhile sergeants, enough nazagadyvavshis desires, in violation of military regulations led watch, I miss nearby. In response to my puzzled look, they prayed: "Comrade Lieutenant, well, when else in life, so many people will see a UFO!" Soldiers from a nearby office also served on the radar, and he does not need to be told what the rate considered normal in the Air Force.
Admire the UFO on the screen and in the sky, rather for the sake of jokes I clicked the national identification of air objects. Imagine my surprise when the next goal shtrishki imprinted with the mark "their"! Our "old lady" was equipped with an interrogator "Silicon-2M", now decommissioned. IFF system at the time to organize the special schedule, according to which for a day in special units were given two of the twelve numbered quartz filter and called time of their shifts on a rolling basis. Thus, the "meteorites" clearly responded to requests through the filter defined for the second half of the day. But I have on hand and was doobedenny filter. Quickly putting it in the block, I again pressed the request. The result was the same, and the signal is very strong. Well as you can after that call these unidentified flying objects?
Speaking about the strength of the received signals, it should be noted that in normal mode the radar operates in three-centimeter wave band (passive mode). However, all the P-35, and the system provides an active response. It is designed to increase the detection range aircraft equipped with the defendant SOD-67, and works in the UHF range. On the range with active transponders flying rare, but when it happened, the goal could escort to the edge of the screen. Meanwhile, our interrogator was always included. Thus, a clear mark of our "elephants" on the limit of detection range, it seems, are guaranteed thanks to the work of receivers at centimeter and decimeter wavelengths.
Gathered in the indicator, we sergeants began to reason: the object is seen simultaneously in three ranges of electromagnetic waves in two radio and optical, so real. Travel speed is not prohibitive, and it is available to mankind, although the hypothesis of the hundreds of man-made machines for one night — this is too much! This will not pull no economy of the country. If the object is illuminated in the night sky, either ionizes around layers of air or emits a stream of gas, but why do we see it on the radar only in the forehead? And then, if the channels IFF in both versions — "your" means an object of thought?
I suggested, "What if a cosmic body, entering the dense layers of the atmosphere rotates with the angular frequency, which coincides with the reference frequency of our interrogator or multiple harmonics of its spectrum? Then dragged though here the whole box with combination filters on all 12 queries get a positive response. " They say the Americans
in Vietnam were on some aircraft such stations jamming system state identification. However, neither our bast Vietnamese rice was eating and quickly modified the hardware system "false codes" that in such situations, acted contrary did not meet his, and "foreign" continued to speak as a "friend."
And here is the same button "LC"! Having started in the work of the "false codes", I discovered there was no reaction on the screen. This could indicate one of two things: either consciously aim can not be to the provocation, or my LC system does not work. In peacetime, it never used when servicing the equipment it was not subject to control, so that the operation of the system in the real world I did not rate and judge its effectiveness and reliability can not.
In short, the situation was such that it was the time to report on what is happening and ask the unit commander to collect the alarm service trajectory measurements and universal time. This could be done by the team to start notifying the duty on the part. Half an hour later he got into our car indicator, looked at the indicator, shuganul wading position time and refused to report to the commander: "If you want, call him yourself." Since I have a personal relationship with the commander left much to be desired, follow the advice of the duty I did not.
Realizing that nothing like this will never see, I hesitated a little — do not turn on whether the recording camera (stand RFK-5 have been mounted on the operating plan position indicator). And even though deep down already decided that I will not do it, for complacency rather convinced that the calendar is set to yesterday's date, the clock shows the first hour of the night, and the cassette is completely filled — 60 meters of film would be enough for 8 hours of footage.

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