Ice-class patrol vessel entered the stage of state tests

Patrol boat for naval forces of the FSB Border Guard PU construction "Marine Yard" Diamond "in the coming days will begin the program of state tests. The State Commission has arrived at the ship on Dec. 6, and the other day depending on the weather conditions will be out into the sea. Rehearsing program factory sea trials aboard the "050" twice without any problems out in the Gulf of Finland.

Patrol vessel Ave 22120 serial number 050 was laid down at the boat "Sea Works" Diamond "in 2007 and launched in December 2009. The project is designed Petersburg PKB "Petrobalt" commissioned by the Federal Customs Service of Russia. After the failure of the Federal Customs Service of financing construction project interested coastguard.

The vessel has ice gain, providing independent sailing into thin first-year ice thickness up to 0.6 m in the winter-spring navigation and a thickness of 0.8 m in the summer-autumn navigation. The planned location services — an area of the island of Sakhalin.

If the state tests will pass without serious remarks, and accordingly, has not identified the need to address them in the factory, flag maritime border forces FSB can be raised to ship later this year. No, not yet any information about assigning new ship names. According to unconfirmed reports, planned to call him a "blizzard."

Tactical and technical elements of the patrol vessel project 22120 code "Snowstorm".

Overall length — 70.6 m Beam — 10.4 m Draft — 3.37 m Displacement full — approx. 1,023 tons Range — 6,000 miles Endurance — 20 days maximum speed — 24 knots. Crew — 16 people. Passenger capacity — 14 people. The main engine ABC Diesel 16 M VDZC-1000-180 Power — 2 x 3833 kW

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