Icelandic volcano disrupted hundreds of flights, and now emits only steam

Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn calm — today he would throw my ashes into the air, and stood out from its crater mostly couples. Another Tuesday night opened the main airport Keflavik Iceland.

However, released earlier ash continues to torment aviaperevozschikov. Today, the cloud left British airspace, which has not yet resumed full flights (special aircraft of British Airways was flying only to clarify the situation over Scotland and Northern Ireland).

PHOTO: Caustic ash reached Germany, dozens of flights canceled

Cloud headed towards continental Europe — Scandinavia, northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries. German Aviation Administration has suspended flights to the north of the country and have been canceled about 700 flights. Sky over Hamburg and Berlin opened the evening. In Sweden, 20 flights were canceled.

Tomorrow expect ash in Russia — Chelyabinsk, Shadrinsk, Tyumen, Tobolsk and Khanty-Mansiysk. On Russian territory ashen cloud begins to shift to the south and reaches Kazakhstan. The concentration of particles in the air will be so small that it is unlikely to be a threat to aviation. Ash threat to the output is forecast to be generally irrelevant.

In general, the Grimsvotn was more "loyal" to the carriers than his brother Eyjafjallajökull, which last year led to a multibillion-dollar losses.


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