Icing in China continues


After the freezing rain. Village Antay Guangxi province. January 11, 2011. Photo from epochtimes.com

13.01.11.Na eastern China continues disaster caused by freezing rain. Significantly affected the 19 provinces. Economic losses exceeded three billion dollars. In disaster areas, the prices of products, the authorities are not able to help the affected farmers, who have to cope with a loss samostoyatelno.V present precipitation in the form of freezing rain continues in the provinces of Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi and Zhejiang.

Forestry Officer Guanyan County of Guangxi Autonomous Region Chzhuanskgo named Zhao, told The Epoch Times, it is only in their forest area affected 105 thousand hectares of edible bamboo, oil, tea trees and vegetables. He estimated the damage already reached 100 million yuan ($ 14 million).

"The damage is very large, the local authorities are not able to support the population, people are forced to cope with difficulties," — says Zhao.
Liu, managing a company engaged in the cultivation of tea in the large "tea district" Linshan, said that they had on the farm more than 1,200 tea trees, which are almost all iced over.

"Now the damage is already at least 30% — 40%, and if the temperature continues to drop, do not even know where it will lead," — says Liu.

As reported by the Chinese media, from 2 to 9 January in Guangxi from the weather affected 1.77 million hectares of forest, 82 district, 120 forestry, 43 reserve. The direct economic damage to forests is estimated at 21.58 billion yuan ($ 3.8 billion).

According to weather forecasts, lowering temperatures and freezing rain in Guangxi province last until the end of this month.

Source: The Epoch Times

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