Ignorance and obscurantism

Ignorance and obscurantismI was invited to a conference at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University, Lomonosov in the celebrations. We will talk about the mind — mental economy, the mind as a factor of development of knowledge economy, etc. This topic is very close to me. That's what I say on this very intellectual meeting.


Dr. Katasonov said in LH. He likes to ask students to such a question: "What is the main resource of the modern economy?" Different answers: oil, money, knowledge. And by. "The main resource of the modern economy — solemnly intones a doctor — it's fool. He can vparit all. " The laughter in the hall.
Fun, right? And in fact this is not the joke, as Bender would say, "is a medical fact." Motor current development is ignorance and obscurantism.

"Stop her and ask," HOW TO LIFE YOU have reached such a thing? "

With years the world's population own a maximum power of science and technology in the 60 years of the twentieth century. After that, nothing constructive in science and technology did not work. The driving force behind this development was the nuclear missile race. The emblem and the apotheosis of scientific and technological strength was way out into space.

At this time, the scientific profession was the most prestigious and most prestigious, bearded physics were the heroes of books and movies, girls loved them, imitate them "boys contemplating habitation." I remember that was fashionable Space to my childhood — in the 60s. We knew by heart all the astronauts, I remember, let out a wall newspaper with the headline, which was very proud of, "A new milestone gallakticheskoy era — a radio message from a distant Venus."

There was a great demand for engineers, physicists and mathematicians. Specifically, a physicist at the time was a modern version of "good fellow." Every era produces its own version of the hero of our time — so that's when it was a physicist. Best, naiumneyshie received matshkoly, and later in a MiFi or MIPT. Of course: that one has become a world favorite, thousands of have to start playing football in the yard team. Similarly, and so did one of world discovery, the myriad should go to start: decently teach physics, math, frowning over the puzzles of the magazine "Quantum", strive to win the district competition. And all these activities should be trendy, pochetaemymi, prestigious. So it was then. Being smart was registered in style. In my childhood was the anthology "I want to know everything!" — There wrote mostly about science and technology. And the kids want the truth to know.

Already in the 70's as if the finished fuel in a rocket and she went ballistic orbit. Everything was kind of like before, but went out of inertia, the soul of the world has gone from this sphere of life. Voltage nuclear missile race beginning to decline. Evenly nuclear superpowers did not really fear each other and wait for each other strike. Horror has become faster ritual: Russian danger frighten voters and congressmen in America, and "the machinations of imperialism" — in the Soviet Union. In other words, the arms race lasted: a great deal in general has enormous inertia, just so it will not stop there, we Russian life hitherto not fully collapsed. (I am referring to the technology infrastructure and brodelevskie "kind of structure of everyday life").

The arms race lasted, but such that the Minister of Defense out of the window with a click, "Russian are coming!" — Itself already could not be. The arms race with the passage of time has lost its passionarity was not a matter of fighting, and more bureaucratic.

Scientific and technical requirements of governments to their scientific communities declined. Political governance is not read as a scientist, as a comrade. Beria tov.Korolevu sitting in the woods on the nuclear test site: "If this thing is going to explode, I am for you tear your head off!".

Accordingly, the scientific profession, remaining as before prestige, more and more than just getting one of the professions less.

From the annals of the history of our family. The father and uncle of my wife on the first turn of the 50's came to university: my father-in-law to the Bauman and his brother — at MGIMO. So here's the one who went to Bauman, was listed in their environment and more lucky. so to speak, steeper than the one who entered the Moscow State Institute. Already in my time in 70 years, the scale of prestige has changed to the reverse.

A manifestation of this new spirit of detente was eminent, which took place under the sign of the 70s. Serious military threat to no one believed, did not build bunkers in the garden, is not stocked with gas masks. Then exalted singers Discharge states that it is — a real ending of the second world war, a real transition to peace. Can be fully in the spiritual, psychic sense exactly how it was.

Accordingly, the fashion for science to natural and technological knowledge, a scientific way of thinking — evenly fade. Science're not able to develop at its base, from itself. Puzzles are always put her outside. In most cases, it puzzles improve military technology. From a scientific society is able to produce only what is called the "satisfaction of my curiosity at public expense."

In the 60-70s scientific way of thinking (ie, the belief in the knowability of the world, experience and logical interpretation of it) is increasingly gives way to a different kind of esoteric knowledges, mysticism, Eastern teachings. Rationalism and positivism characteristic of science has become intensely become loose. In the Russian Union is officially not allowed, that only fueled the enthusiasm. Dignified chronicler of Russian society Yuri Trifonov captures this transition in their own "urban" stories. Engineers, scientists — the heroes of his novels — suddenly fall together in mysticism, esotericism, organize seances. In the West, this time fashion for Buddhism, yoga, etc. teaching, far from rationalism and scientific approach to reality.

This was one and assumptions that went on. There were other massive assumptions.

"Life has become better, life has become merrier"

In about 60 years of progressive population of the earth have gained a typical poruha.

Approximately 60 and 70 years in the major capitalist countries, something happened that it did not, the population of the earth, did not understand with the expulsion from paradise. The fact that this no one blew trumpets and, once again confirms the indisputable: in malehankih own life and in the general life of the people of the world population strain off the nonsense, and the vast and most importantly — do not even notice. So did this happen?

Terrible happened.

Basic domestic needs of the vast majority of inhabitants were satisfied.

Which means that basic? This means: natural and reasonable. The need for sufficient and healthy food in a normal or even devoid of a certain beauty clothes for the season, in a rather spacious and hygienic housing. The family wound up cars, home appliances.

Back in the 50s and in the 60s it was the American dream — a dream too far in terms of easily accessible to many. In the UK, the 50s were born even a word subtopia — glued from 2-word «suburb» (suburb) and «utopia»: the dream of his house in the suburbs, equipped with all modern amenities.

A few years back the reverse blo
gger Divov arranged in his journal fascinating material on the subject. This is a translation of a piece of memoirs about life in the UK, in the provincial mining town turn of the 50s and 60s. So that's out there on the whole town had one (!) bathroom, "convenience" all the inhabitants were in the yard, the contents of chamber pots in the morning covered with ice, the mother washed clothes in a tub, fruit bought only when someone is sick, and flowers — when dying.

So that's enough prose comfort and security are available for about two-thirds of the population in the late 60's — early 70's. With the stress, with twists, but — are available. This, obviously, is a "golden billion".

Before that, it was never in the history of anywhere in the world! Previously, the norm was commoners poverty. And daily intense struggle for a piece of bread. That was all — I emphasize: all! — Parts of the world. Reread this angle realistic literature of Hugo and Dickens and Dreiser to Remarque, read "Roman Stories" 50s Italian writer Alberto Moravia — and you all will become clear.

And all miraculously changed. Normal, average working tradesman was tolerable housing with modern amenities and home appliances, he became a decently fed, became the latest to take the clothes.

I had a chance to talk with older Europeans who remember this tectonic shift, this epochal transition, this … did not even know his name before he was a landmark. I remember one Italian said that after the war he had a dream: to eat a huge plate of generously seasoned with butter pasta. And on the decline of the 60s, he suddenly found that the «non mi manca niente» — literally, "I have nothing missing." And it's scary! What did come out? A man pushes a plate and says, "Thank you, I'm sick?" That still on?

In other words, the model of development based on the satisfaction of the needs of ordinary people on the earned means exhausted. The people had not expected and no growth of cash or demand grows. Business can only grow with the growth of the population, which, too, as luck would have ended the growth in advanced countries.

Dostoevsky's "Teenagers" prophesied. A person feels full, and asks: what did then? Give him the meaning of life. Or any other purpose.

But in reality, people are not asked. It overtaken. Overtaken by global business. He first asked, "What next?" And first found the answer.

Capitalism can not exist without the expansion. Global businesses need new and emerging markets. These markets have been found. They were found not overseas (there was already by then there is nothing to catch), and in people's hearts.

Capitalism has not started to meet and create all new and emerging needs. And triumphantly to satisfy them. For example, mobile operators created need without annoying chatting on the phone, medical corporations — need constantly swallow pills, factory owners odezhki — change it almost every day, and in any case — each season.

You can also create new threats — and protected from them by means of the respective products. Protect from everything from dandruff, from bacteria in the toilet bowl of mobile phone radiation. As the advertiser, I can say that the Russian market is best is the model of "running away from danger."

On the first plan out marketing. What is marketing? In fact, this is the doctrine of how vpendyurit unnecessary. In other words, how to do so, that it seemed necessary and unnecessary purchased it. Why marketing has not previously been in the nineteenth century, say, century? Yes because the need was not in it. Then executed the right products and to satisfy the real needs. And when it became necessary to invent false needs — then in handy marketing. The same role is full of advertising.

Advertisers have professional pride: we are not meeting the needs — we create them. This is the truth so.

For people taking horrible, reasonable reasons canceled. Since it is imposed on unbelievers and needs — the right to open a discussion of their unsafe. It is not difficult may find that they are — false, and what, they say, does not exist in nature and can not exist by virtue of the laws priody. Imposing requirements are strictly on a feeling level. Advertising appeals to the senses — this is a smaller layer of the psyche than the mind. Below feelings — only instincts. Now advertising is more appealing directly to them.

In order to take the process more cheerful, you need to remove an obstacle in the form of an optimal mind, habits of critical thinking and scientific knowledge spread among the masses. Very well that these habits and knowledge began to fall apart even at the last step. All this hinders the global expansion of capitalism! This makes it difficult to sell the mountain useless and empty things.

In general, to include critical and rational thinking now — not required. It's not stylish, not modern, not trendy. SG Kara-Murza constantly reads about the manipulation of consciousness (in fact, the book of the same name, and brought him fame). This is not entirely true. Global capitalism on the swings puzzle more ambitious than the manipulation of consciousness. Manipulation of consciousness — it's still a scam point, a single manipulation. But at the moment we are talking about the global formation of impeccable customer, it is devoid of consciousness and the best scientific knowledge about the world. Recognizable philosopher Alexander Zinoviev correctly said that the perfect consumer — is something like the pipe, which from the 1st end products are pumped and out the other, they whistled flied out to the dump.

Who has such impeccable customer? It is completely uninformed, cheerful idiot who lives just a feeling and a thirst for novelty. We can say no fool, and delicate — a child of six. But if in 30 years you have a six year old mind — you're a moron too early, as it may be overnice. He is smooth, not superfluous ideas disfigured face, shaved with a razor, "vest", white-toothed grin handled appropriately toothpaste. He is willing, positive, dynamic and always ready. Consume. What exactly? What utter — it will be. In fact, he and impeccable customer. He will not whine: "Why do not I new iPhone when I'm an old-it is not mastered? And in general I do not need it. " He must be looking for — everything. Grabbing the latest toy, he should immediately throw the old.

He should constantly snacking, experiencing "a heavenly pleasure" and with all this heroic fight with obesity. And with all this not to notice the idiocy of their own behavior. He must constantly chatting on the phone, and with all this frenzy to save on your service provider. This is known (it is faster — it) without annoying to protect their loved ones from the bacteria that actually does not require or even harmful. And most importantly, he must believe — believe in all that he utter without requiring proof.

In general, the most optimal paradox confirmation which once was a great achievement of an ancient civilization, and since then the thinking is inseparable from the world's population at the sight goes out and is threatening abyss. People do not feel it needs.


To foster a positive hedonist — perfect consumer who amuses himself without annoying shopping, overeat and for all that losing weight rapidly, not noticing the absurdity of his own behavior, we need daily purposeful work to dupe the masses.
Pivotal role in this case has consumed more television as the media, but it does not stop.
Consumption does not say "spiritual," but we say "virtual" product must also constantly entertained or, at least, not to disappoint difficult obscurity, complexity. Everything has to be en
couraging and positive. No matter what kind of information about anything to relegate everything to the level of a simple bubble gum. For example, any stately people must appear as an object of kitchen gossip, such as a common and silly as the spectators themselves, and not even the spectators themselves as the ones flawless consumers who are in the audience will grow.
About what the consumer is not should say, "I do not understand" or "This I do not understand." It would have been disappointing and not positively.

M.Gorkovaty once wrote that there are two types of approach to the creation of literature and the press for the people. Bourgeois approach — is to try to lower the texts to the level of the reader, and the second approach, Russian, — to raise the reader to the level of literature. Russian writers and journalists — felt slightly bitter — must raise a reader to a level of awareness of the true literature in general and serious lyrics. Modern media did not descend to the current level of the reader — they are intensely pull this reader down.

All subject to extensive picture books, but not for three years, as it always has, and for adults. For example, the successful publication of this type — the last period of the new history of the USSR and the Russian Federation in the pictures from the TV presenter Parfenova.

In fact, the modern media — is a virtual Peninsula Fools N.Nosov brilliantly described in "Dunno on the Moon." It seems to me that in this satire of Swift's creator rises to the height. We are in this amazing text goes, who have forgot about this. At some peninsula dumped bloodless strollers. There they were without annoying cheer, show detectives and cartoons, ride the carousel and other attractions. After a certain time of stay there, inhaling polluted air of this island, ordinary little man turn into sheep, which are cut, receiving income from the sale of wool.

Our media regularly supply customers with sheep for shearing.

Customers in the narrow sense — it's advertisers, and customers in a broad sense — it is a global business for which need sufficient numbers of consumers. As the Russian press had to communist education of the working people, just as today's media have to raise flawless consumers. Only very brainwashed citizens are able to assume a continuous life change phones or waste money on a continuous pleasing to the eye nothing. And if so — people should be brought in the appropriate form, ie make a fool.

Moronization begins at school, with children's magazines with comic books, which can be purchased everywhere, while more reasonable magazines distributed by subscription only and are not advertised anywhere else. I myself was surprised to discovered that publishing newspapers and magazines of our youth "Pioneer truth", "Pioneer". But nowhere do they manifest themselves, the students do not know about them, it's something like an underground newspaper "Iskra". These editions (the quality of which is also not perfect, but totally acceptable) not found in school libraries or in the stands, they are generally not in use. As a result, most of the kids read only fantasy that prepares them to accept glamorous press, ladies and detective novels, etc.

The result of such a deliberate policy is impossible and unthinkable is no serious debate in the media, in general, any serious discussion of that whatsoever. Even if someone started a discussion, and it simply would not be anyone understood and supported. South American experts at established that normal adult American-viewer is not able to receive and track the deployment of some consistent themes for longer than three minutes, then he loses the thread of the conversation and distracted. Regarding our audience data available. Let's create a flattering for our patriotic feelings assumption that our half wiser. Then they can not listen to three minutes, and, for example, 6. So what? What kind of serious discussion in general can we talk?

Typically, that even people with the highest level of formal education (ie, having diplomas) do not feel the need for the best evidence of any kind has been approved. They do not need any facts or logic, rather shaman cries, like soon received extensive walking a universal method of reasoning: "It is!"

On their own exercises with traders direct sales (virtually all higher education gained more time in Russian — teachers, engineers, economists, doctors), I repeatedly convinced: people do not want the argument. It just takes time and wasting weigh down performance. Persuasive speech is perceived as boring. "You tell me how it is, and that's that." Better yet seen any arguments that Rousseau called the "emotional cries" and attributed the prehistoric savages.

Habit see the beloved television personalities forms the view (perhaps unconsciously) that they say is not important, and most importantly — who reads. If a person says pochetaemy, beloved, beautiful — everything is accepted as the truth, "People shavaet." People feel the need to create "talking head" on TV, even the perception of plain text in printed form is very difficult. No wonder many of my students willingly get videos of my performances, but even simpler (from the standpoint of classical) read them.

Learned in school?

In the simplicity of his own Minister Fursenko spill the beans: the purpose of education — education of cultural consumer. And the modern school — secondary and higher — evenly tightened to a given task. Not once, but tightened.

What currently teach? How to behave in society, how to fit into the team as make a video or write a CV. A physics to chemistry — it nudga, scoop the past century.
Not so long ago, on the road enthusiasts hung billboard depicting attractive "molecule of silver" contained I do not remember what — it seems that in-deodorant-antiperspirant. The idiocy of this advertisement in the middle of working my company only saw one old lady — a chemical engineer by profession before the Revolution. Later billboard removed.

Know, I mean to keep in mind — teach us — nothing. All we can look at Yandex'e. This is a very productive point of view. If a person does not know anything, then it can be vparit all. And the empty head is very good to pump into it the details of tariff plans or parameters of different types of toilet paper.

In this case, achieved great success. I occasionally have to talk with the young people coming to work with us. They are decently kept, neat look to have some ability to self-promotion and for all that are perfect savages have no idea either about the history or the geography, or of the basic laws of nature. So, we worked a history teacher by training, does not understand who the Bolsheviks.

What a hammer-head? You need to know is another. Once I was on the Web test knowledge of various prestigious gizmos characteristic, in the views of the organizers, the lifestyle of the middle class. I failed the test shameful, the answer came that way: It's amazing that you have a computer and the Web, to pass this test.

That is particularly the formation of this kind of connoisseurs and designed modern education and modern educational technology.

Obscurantism and ignorance — it is the last refuge of modern capitalism. This is not just some lack of modern society — is it important component. Without this modern the market can not exist.

The logical question: who, then, will be to create new products for the "vparki" impeccable consumers? And who will lead the human herd, who will be the shepherd? Of course — perfect customers for this purpose are not suitable. In the modern United States is now the role played by immigrants from third world countries from the former Soviet Union. What will be next — hard to say. Modern capitalism, in gene
ral, the modern Western civilization is not looking forward to it the main thing — the current expansion. And she achieved means complete mental debilitation of the population. Since it is — is now the main resource.

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