Illegal tourist planning to undermine the Capitol … hoax explosive

Illegal tourist planning to blow up the Capitol ... hoax explosiveSecurity services detained in Washington terrorists from Morocco, who wanted to undermine the Capitol. FBI agents tracked down the offender. Cops stopped in front of the Moroccan Congress. Now he faces unlimited time in the slammer.

Villain for about 30 years, he is from Morocco, came to the USA on a tourist visa. Term visas acts, but has expired, and Moroccan was in the States illegally. Almost a year after it was monitored security services. "Tourist" was behaving suspiciously tried to buy explosives. Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which issued themselves for a member of the "Al-Qaeda" Moroccan admitted that he plans to commit a terrorist act soon on Capitol hill. "Tourist" gathered suicide vest and went to make a scheduled, but Congress has been detained.

For attempting to commit a terrorist act Moroccans may give unlimited term. Such punishment was, for example, Umar Abdulmutallab, in December 2009, which swept to board the plane «Northwest Airlines» explosive device that could later lead to action. He was sentenced to indefinite detention this week. In October last year, this twenty-five Nigerian admitted themselves guilty to the attempted murder of 289 people on board, then he agreed with the charges and 7 other Sat. Nigerian cooperated with the investigation. South American intelligence agencies have taken to the work resulting from the offender information. But it is not clear whether the two cases are connected. From the FBI on this account comments were received.

Moroccan terrorist attack hatched a plan to own, not knowing what is in the ring of FBI agents. Intelligence agencies were watching him around the clock — because neither the Congress building, no South American parliamentarians nothing is threatened. Terrorists took when he came to the Capitol. He did not even know that the plastic explosive in his suicide vest — fake!

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