In 2012, the Earth and the sun blind will come doomsday

NASA with the National Academy of Sciences of the United States made the calculations of solar activity and get the result, according to which in 2012 is expected to release a giant solar plasma and paralysis, as a result, the global energy system in the world.

Charge plasma spewed Solntses paralyzes all electrical networks and everything that runs on electricity. Electromagnetic catastrophe breaks out on Earth without warning, the planet will be unprepared for such a disaster, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Enormous solar flare — the so-called coronal mass ejections lead to geomagnetic storms of unprecedented strength and global catastrophe. Alarm by satellite, watching the sun, go to Houston, the center of space research. At the disposal of mankind will be just a few minutes, scientists believe, but all efforts will be futile.

First, people can watch the lights, like polarity, but it's much brighter. Then will come down all power transformers. The most vulnerable elements — transformers. They quickly overheat and melt. Experts estimate that in the U.S. only 90 seconds after the impact will burn 300 key transformers. Without electricity remain more than 130 million people.
No one will die, and the effects of solar attacks take time. But do abolished drinking water, turn off the gas station, a halt of oil and gas pipelines. Stand-alone power systems in hospitals have worked for three days, then stop. Will break down the cooling system and storage. As a result, experts estimate, within a year, millions of people will die because of the indirect effects of paralysis of the economy.

Such a magnetic storm occurred in 1859. But then the industry is only beginning to develop, and therefore the world has not suffered big losses. Now mankind are more vulnerable. Suffice it to recall the consequences of one of the weaker storms: in 1989, a modest scale solar storm plunged into the darkness of the Canadian province of Quebec, 6 million people were without power for 9 hours.
Charge of the plasma can lead to the worst consequences. But why did the restoration will take so many years?. NASA experts say it's all about TRANSFORMERS: they can not be repaired, they can only be replaced, and at the same plants on which they are made, will be paralyzed. Therefore, the recovery is very slow.

As for the likelihood that such an electromagnetic storm will sweep the earth, then statistically it is possible, and the question is not whether it will happen or not, but only when going to happen. "The consequences of sudden solar storm comparable to nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid to Earth" — said Professor Daniel Baker (Daniel Baker), an expert on space weather, the University of Colorado (University of Colorado in Boulder) and head of the Committee of NAS, responsible for preparing the report .

Is it true that in the sun, to which as many as 150 million kilometers, is capable of so much harm to humanity? "If an event occurs that is similar to what happened in the autumn of 1859, then we can not survive," — says James Green (James L. Green), one of the directors of NASA and an expert on the magnetosphere.

Then — 150 years ago — a young English astronomer Richard Carrington (Richard Carrington) noticed that the light was covered with an unusually large spots — their group was clearly visible without optical devices. And then on top two spots flashed dazzling ball, which quickly grew. They were so bright that outshone the sun shine. After about five minutes, the balls disappeared. After 17 hours a night over America became the day — it was so light from the green and crimson Scorchlings lights. It seemed that the city in flames. Glow over their heads was observed even residents of Cuba, Jamaica, Hawaii, never before had seen anything like it. Then available magnetometers zashkalil. Telegraph went out. Of vehicles poured sparks and burning stinging telegraph paper.

This magnetic storm named Karringtonskim event — named astronomer. It was the strongest in the near past. Its repetition and scientists fear, writes the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
Solar flares are due to the mixing of gases. Sometimes the light shoots into space. Detached from the surface of the tens of billions of tons of hot plasma. These clots cyclopean rushing toward Earth at a speed of a million miles an hour. Even speeding along. Beat takes on the magnetic field of the planet.

Sudden changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth suggest a strong direct current. It was he able to literally burn the electrical network is not designed for such loads.

"There is another danger — said Daniel Baker, — the so-called rolling blackouts. Energy networks in the continents are interconnected. And even the loss of any single node will lead to a cascade of failures. For example, in 2006, the banal off one of the power lines in Germany caused a series of injuries transformer stations across Europe. In France, five million people were without electricity two hours. "

NASA predict solar storms, similar Karringtonskomu in the autumn of 2012, when the activity of the light reaches the maximum. I trust in the alarm. And it, according to the report, can submit only one machine, which is located between the sun and Earth. And he is too soon break — flies since 1997. But even if it will drag on for three years, after the "storm warning" from humans remains of 15 to 45 minutes to prepare.

"At that time — 150 years ago — mankind was lucky, because it has not reached a high level of technology, — says James Green. — Now, happen like that, to restore the destroyed world infrastructure will take at least ten years. And trillions of dollars. "
However, Russian scientists soothe people on earth. "Richard Carrington in 1859, saw the so-called white flash for the first time in the history of observations of the sun — the director of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University, senior researcher at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Candidate of Sciences Sergei Yazev. — Since then they have appeared more than once — to 3 — 4 times in the solar cycle. But not every deal a blow to the Earth's magnetosphere. In other words, the repetition of Karringtonskogo event should not wait for a global catastrophe hundred percent probability. "

According to scientists, dubious and end date of the world — especially so accurate. NASA experts associate it with the peak of the next solar cycle. And he — new — has not yet begun. Since the previous one ended. The same experts predicted its completion in 2006. Already in 2009 the first in the yard, and the cycle continues all: Sun calm and unsullied, kept at the minimum of its activity.

As they say, you can expect from the sun what you like, but the exact date can not establish one.

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