In 2015, the Russian Federation will adopt a new generation tank T-99

In 2015, the Russian Federation will adopt a new generation tank T-99 

In recent years, Russian Federation is to carry out a fundamental modernization of armored and mechanized forces, starting in 2015 through the introduction of the latest series of combat vehicles that can make a list of combat missions in the most unfavorable external criteria.

Main battle tanks will be made available with the introduction of machines «Armata». According to recent field tests fundamentally modern combat vehicles planned for this year. Currently active stage of development of the tank is at the terminating stage. First delivery of the latest combat units in the Russian troops scheduled for 2015.

It must be emphasized that almost all the strengthening of the defense is aimed not so much against the NATO alliance, but mainly to protect its southern borders with neighboring states that constructive Islamist current time in gaining power and potential to turn his weapon against Russia.

Among other things strengthening the army carried out in opposition to the growing military might of China. Undoubtedly, mechanized and armored forces including the main power to maintain the highest defense. Threats of this type resist is much easier than modern advanced weapons development, NATO and the United States.

According to information acquired by new T-99 will differ low weight compared with the previous unsuccessfully developing the T-95. Because of this plan to improve mobility and reduce costs. Today most actively being developed series «Boomerang» which represent the armored wheeled vehicles, which should change the current time is in armed BTR-90.

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