In Africa, the discovery of new species of spiders mysterious Kalommata

Illustration of scientific articles in the journal ZooKeys


Four new rare species of spiders of the genus Kalommata found in Africa. Another view of the African spider Kalommata rediscovered again, since scientists have not seen him since 1923. An article on the research at the Free University (Free University) in South Africa and the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Belgium was published in ZooKeys. This was reported on the website Science News Blog.

Spiders Kalommata build traps in the form of bags. Spider from inside lovushuki, waiting for a victim sits on the web. Then impales its prey spider below its exceptionally long jaws. Such African spiders know very little, because they are extremely difficult to find in nature. Nora these insects never photographed, and the first known photograph of the living African male of the genus Kalommaty was not until last year by Ian Engelbrecht (Ian Engelbrecht). Spider on the photo (male Calommata transvaalica) only 6.3 mm. in length.

One of the authors of the article in "ZooKeys" Charles Haddad (Charles Haddad) noted that "in the last century spiders Kalommata observed everywhere in Africa, albeit rarely. Impetus for our study was the recent rediscovery of these spiders in South Africa. " He said that the last time such a spider seen nearly 80 years ago, in 1923. Currently, Africa is known eight species of African insects of the genus Kalommata and six — in East Asia and Israel.

The article says that new species of spiders have the following names: Calommata megae (found in Zimbabwe), Calommata meridionalis (South Africa), Calommata namibica (Namibia) and Calommata tibialis (Côte d'Ivoire and Togo). Newly discovered spider — it Calommata transvaalica. The structure of all the spiders were studied using a stereomicroscope Olympus SZX10 at 10 × magnification.

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