In Alchevsk killed fish ponds


7.06.11.V reservoirs Alchevsk (Lugansk region) again massively dying fish. It is reported by "Week". According Alchevsk keeper Oleg Tsarkov, second Orlov Alchevsk pond fish dying en masse.

Fish in the pond began to die as early as the weekend, is now on the surface of the reservoir float dozens of dead carp and krasnoperok. The local population says that the cause of the plague — unauthorized discharge of sewage into the pond nearby colony. However, the huntsman is not willing to confirm or deny this information. According to Oleg Tsar'kova, now they're just trying to figure out what exactly caused the fish kills.

Mass death of fish in ponds Orlov — this is not the first such case. In July last year in these waters as fish perished. Then getting into the sanitary station assumed ponds of sewage discharges businesses fish kills due to the abnormally high temperature. However, the final conclusions have not reported.


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