In Anapa earthquake happened again today


24.10.12.Segodnya at 13.35 on the control of operational duty EDDS Anapa reported
recorded earthquakes in the magnitude of the Black Sea, about three points.

As the chief of Anapa seismic Valentine Yakushev, underground
tremors in the Black Sea have been recorded at 13.15. Hypocenter
located 37 kilometers from Anapa in the south-west. Fortunately, for
residents of the resort town, as well as the infrastructure the incident cost
without consequences.

Meanwhile, this is the third such case in October. According to seismologists, 17
October in the Black Sea at 82 kilometers from Anapa recorded earthquake
a magnitude of 3.7. Two days later, on 19 October, the sea again excited. This time
tremors of 2.9 points occurred in 72 kilometers from the resort town.

According to Valentina Yakushev, a seismological activity within our
municipality is not an anomaly, but a very common phenomenon. Fear among experts is not
causes earthquakes, tend to occur in the sea at a distance of
Anapa and tangible consequences for the residents do not have.

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