In anticipation of landslides in the Philippines, thousands of people evacuated

25.05.11.Vlasti Philippines evacuated thousands of people from areas at high risk of flooding and landslides. Fears of the country's leaders associated with the movement of Typhoon "Songdo" in the north-eastern part of the Philippines.

According to head of the Met Office, the typhoon reached the provinces Aurora and Isabela on Friday. 250 thousand inhabitants of the province of Albay, which "Songdo" affect on the way to the north-east, already recommended to evacuate.

Typhoon originated in the Caroline Islands in the Pacific. Wind speed at the center of the typhoon reaches 130 kilometers per hour. In 2004, a typhoon with the same name was raging in Japan and the Kuril Islands. As a result, several people were killed and dozens were wounded. In addition, many have suffered disaster fishing vessels, including several Russian ITAR-TASS news agency.


Source: The time factor.

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