In Arizona, because of forest fires evacuate thousands of people

Power of the U.S. state of Arizona, where weekly raging forest fires, have announced the evacuation of Eagar and some settlements District Apache to the east of the state.

Fire surrounded and walked right up to the city with a population of 4000 people. Half the population of the city has already been evacuated. For about 7000 people from the surrounding areas are preparing for a forced evacuation in the coming days.

Forest fire spread to more than 800 square kilometers. According to rescuers, the fire element destroyed several buildings of serious injuries among the firefighters and local residents are not reported

Smoke and fumes major fire can already watch the residents of five adjacent to Arizona State. In some areas of Arizona air because of the products of combustion into a "lily-livered substance", and the authorities in connection with poor visibility blocked several roads.

Now with the fire fighting about 2.5 thousand firefighters who, however, warn the expansion area of fire due to the windy weather and "dry" lightning that predict meteorologists.

Fire in the woods started about a week ago, its cause, according to preliminary data, was unquenched fire in an abandoned camp tourists.


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