In Arizona, burning forests

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has flown by helicopter burning wood Uollou Fire, near the border of New Mexico. It is the third-largest fire in state history. Fire crews are working to protect the people from a fire in southern Arizona.

Source: The time factor, AssociatedPress

In Arizona, because of forest fires evacuated 2000 people

Arizona residents are leaving their home in fire area. © AP Photo

Over two thousand people were evacuated due to Arizona raging forest fires in the state. It is reported by USA Today.

By Sunday, June 5, the fire covered about a thousand square kilometers. The largest source of fire was recorded in the eastern part of Arizona.

Cope with the fire it can not fire until now.

As a precaution, residents of nearby towns and villages evacuated. So far from the area displayed 2100.

Flame and does not fall to the south-east of the state. There from the beginning of May already burned 405 square kilometers.

To fight the fire, thrown over a thousand firefighters and rescuers. The current forest fires are recognized as one of the strongest in the history of Arizona.

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