In Arkansas, the sky fell dead blackbirds


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2.01.11.Neobychnaya anomaly observed in this weekend in the U.S. city of Beebe (Arkansas). The streets were littered with carcasses of dead blackbirds. Total killed more than a thousand individuals.


Ecologists and ornithologists in confusion. Dozens of dead birds sent for examination, but the results so far, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the "Associated Press".

Interestingly, that die only blackbirdsbirds of other species were found. Also present on their bodies injury whose origin for professionals remains a mystery.

Some explain the noise of bird deaths from the explosions of firecrackers and fireworks, which could cause stress in birds. The version of the possible poisoning of birds excluded.

With the fact of mass death of birds trying to understand the laboratory of the National Center for Wildlife Conservation Commission and the state's livestock and poultry industry.

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