In Astrakhan, because poisonous locusts die boars


Poison that is destroying the locusts, and kills animals. Photo: from the archives of "KP"

22.07.11.Tem who loved to go out with his gun on his prey. Big boar hunt down and return home with the production this year could throw a shotgun somewhere far away.

Hunting for wild boars in 2011 and in 2012 banned completely. The thing is that these animals pogolve declined several times. The cause is still not exactly figured out. But experts say the whole thing in locusts.

For wild boar — the best treat. But because of the swarms of locusts are constantly hounded, and pest poison in the body builds up to maximum performance, it enters into the body, and wild pigs. Animals are dying.

Suffer from poisonous insects and pheasants, foxes and raccoons. "If the situation will also be further developed, will have to take immediate action to restore the number" — say environmentalists Astrakhan.

Catherine Malinin

Source: KP.RU-Volgograd

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