Cyclone Yasi approaches the north-eastern coast of Australia. Photo from satellite Eumetsat

According, cyclone, whose area exceeds the territory of Italy or New Zealand, have already hit the state of Queensland.

Live ABC News report that 89,000 homes have lost power in Townsville, Innisfail and other cities in Queensland. In Innisfail rips roofs off houses, the wind speed is 220 kilometers per hour.


According to, the maximum height of the tidal wave caused by the hurricane, was fixed at nine meters. Thus, according to the scale of hurricanes Saffir — Simpson Yasi is the highest, the fifth category.


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In connection with the approaching cyclone Queensland authorities beforehand organized evacuation of residents. The mines were closed, stop infrastructure — railways and ports. It is assumed that the states of Yasi overcome in three days. On his way there are a few cities with a total population of 400,000 people. It is expected that no electricity can stay up to 200,000 people, said




Australia attacked the cyclone "Yasi"

In the north-east coast of Australia cyclone hit "Yasi" which has the highest fifth category. This was reported by the British satellite channel Sky News. Element is accompanied by gale-force winds and waves up to 7 meters.


Diameter of the "eye of the storm", as they call the central part of the cyclone with a calm area of low atmospheric pressure is 35 miles, and the diameter of the atmospheric vortex — 650 kilometers.


In the area between the coastal towns of Cairns and Townsville, which is subject to attack the cyclone, there are more than 400 thousand people. Of those in evacuation centers are now placed just over 10,000.


According to ITAR-TASS, under the influence of heavy rainfall much of the territory of the state will be in the flood zone. Already closed all major transportation and industrial infrastructure.


In Australia, more than 170,000 homes were left without electricity

In Australia, more than 170,000 homes were left without electricity due to impact cyclone "Yasi". Powerful cyclone wind gust speed that exceeded 280 kilometers per hour, caused massive cliffs lines.