In Australia, hail the size of golf balls

In the south-east coast of Australia today hailstorm hit. According to witnesses, pieces of ice on the sizes were not inferior balls for a game of golf.

According to a senior Bureau of Meteorology forecaster James Taylor, the main brunt of the disaster came in Victoria in areas of Melbourne, Croydon and Ballarat.

Here, in one night fell more than 65 mm of rain.

For his part, the representative of the rescue Robert Johnson said that asked for help more than 1 thousand. "As a result of rampant elemental damage received about fifty houses — added lifeguard. — There are numerous breaks lines from fallen trees. Some areas strong rains caused flooding."

Estimated forecasters, for natural disasters resulted clash of warm and cold weather fronts, and the Australians have yet to experience heavy rainfall that overwhelmed them almost weekly.

All emergency services in Victoria translated into enhanced mode, they brought over a hundred volunteers, ITAR-TASS reported.


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