In Bashkiria zamirotochili 8 icons. Photo


10.01.11.Vchera we reported that the Holy Virgin Protection Church in the village of language (Bashkiria) zamirotochili five icons. Today, the number of "weeping" icons to eight: withvezhie drops appeared on the global icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, Nicholas and George.

The biggest "tears" on the face of the Divine Savior and St. Spyridon Tremithous chest. Believers attribute this miracle to the recent acquisition of relics — shoe saint whose body is in the Greek church, and consecrated his relics icon. The number of pilgrims in the village temple every day increases.

(For details about relics brought from Greece, we wrote at the end of 2010 — Ed.).

Aigul Nurgaleeva Bashkir regional supplement to the newspaper "Trud-7".

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