In Belarus in wild boar spread African swine


13.11.12.Po Belarus crawl persistent rumors that the African swine fever in wild boar in the country yet revealed. After the message that the cause of the mass shooting boars Novogrudsky area was the discovery of a dangerous disease in a wild pig, however, categorically denied by officials and veterinarians, the editors do the same alarm.

On condition of anonymity, the source told us that, in Baranovichi district secretly installed sanitary quarantine. A ban on hunting, just a little earlier, was introduced in Verhnedvinsky region. The reason — the mass death of wild boar in the forest, which was blamed on the affected animals trichinosis, says our source.

"Everyone understands that the pigs have died from African swine. That's just say out loud no one dares. After all, the disease is easily spread to domestic pigs and of his household — to pig, whose products are export-oriented, " — says counterparts.
In Verkhnedvinsk district veterinary station we have not confirmed this information. "No African swine have not. Yes, we went in Verhnedvinsky ROS BOOR in October, when a case of wild pigs. But samples taken from carcasses showed that pigs were ill with salmonellosis " — said at the veterinary station. It specified that the area did not stop hunting for wild boar.
"We waited for the plague to the east, and it came from the west and north-west — continues our source. — Earlier this year, on the basis of forest-hunting economy Klimovichi forestry seminar was held with the participation of the Chief Veterinary Officer Dubrovno, Orsha, Tolochin, Shklov, Belynichi, Round and their Russian colleagues. The Russians brought a lot of free time vaccine. It worked well in Russia in those households where a very high density of wild boar. The problem is that the vaccine effectively fight the plague of classical European, but against African swine she is powerless. To combat this virus has not developed drugs. "

In the Russian Federation in the current year, according to Rosselkhoznadzor, ASF foci were recorded in 26 regions. Most disadvantaged was Krasnodar. This year alone, in the Kuban region was more than 20 outbreaks of this disease. With their elimination was destroyed about 600,000 pigs, commonly established quarantines, and the damage exceeded $ 30 billion Russian rubles. To combat African swine fever in Russia have developed special rules. The document contains a list of requirements that must be followed to prevent the spread of the disease and to ensure prevention.
Our source did not rule out the possibility that the epidemic came to Belarus from the Pskov region.

"I was talking to private hunters hunting Tver region. As he explained to me, the epidemic spreads very easily. For example, in his hunting area she got together with a group of hunters from Moscow. They brought with them from the previous half-smoked boar hunting in Voronezh. And there have been manifestations of African swine fever. After the visit of the Muscovites have rangers sick domestic pigs, and went for a walk this infection on the farm. The fact that the African swine fever virus can be safely stored in the fat 3 months. Food waste dumped in the forest — a wild boar they podel. A sick one — began to infect others. Boars because herd animals, attend general fertilizing site, go through the woods by the same paths, " — Sound the alarm source.
"For a man African swine not as dangerous as for livestock," — He said.
For the official comments, we contacted the Ministry of Forestry. But from there with a warning that out loud about the existence of African plague us no one confesses, was sent to the Department of Veterinary and Food Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus: "It is in their jurisdiction."

Disown uncomfortable questions and the Office Antiepizootic control and prevention efforts, "What are you, crazy? This is nonsense. " Yuri Pyvovarchyk, Chief Veterinary Officer of the country, the first deputy director of the Department vetprodnadzora was more talkative, but still could not resist the Board: "You were not just to write what against our state, not destabilizing." 

"In Novogrudsky district conducts routine work for trichinosis. There, the cases of the disease. It is fixed, not only here but also in neighboring states. Is being planned shooting wild boar and Monitoring " — Clearly he said.
It should be recalled that in February this year has seen the mysterious case of mass confiscation of pigs from private holdings in the village Neznanova Novogrudok district. Selected from local residents killed livestock veterinary services and bedrooms. Officially, their manipulation as recalled "Nasha Niva", they called "regional exercise mode as close to the real conditions of the situation, using the effect of surprise and working off of specific actions and preventive measures." The incident had a wide public response.
Elena Sadovskaya

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