In Belarus, killing crops of grain

8.06.11.V Gomel drought killed crops zernovyh.Dozhdey very welcome in Loev and Bragin districts — are due to lost crops in the thousands of hectares.

Vitaly Krasnobaev: This year and the spring, consider, this was not. Cold retreated until the end of May. And the summer has just begun, even a week had passed. A Gomel farmers already suffering losses from the heat.

Such anomalies in the Bragin district today no one will remember that in the beginning of June bread cornfield literally burning. Another month of this — on this field trip just not taken. Today, the place where he grew oats, more like a barren land. In most households the area sown to winter and spring, which could grow crops, before our eyes turn yellow and become straw.
(Gregory Anaprienko Director CSEA "State Farm Kamarinsky")
At a rate of 50-70 mm rainfall in the last month on Braginschine not a drop fell from the sky. The root system of grain dry outright. Account Pogorevshikh squares already goes for tens or hundreds to thousands of hectares. What is not burned out, lost productivity in half. And every day without rain only adds to the sadness farmers.
(Peter Buhavets, chief agronomist of Department of Agriculture and Food of the Bragin district executive committee: "Today we have a lot pereseyali corn. Somehow, it will be the compensation of our harvest. But in general, today will be a significant shortfall. Moreover — the drought worsens every day. Therefore, the losses will increase. ")
In the same situation were farmers and the neighboring district — Loev. It also does not expect to harvest. And count the losses. Of fertilizers, chemical processing, and machine work — all burned in the hot sun. In order to somehow save what is not burned, farmers are forced to collect crops a month earlier than usual. Grain in the ear has not yet formed, so it can be used only as feed.
(Vladimir Shevchuk, Deputy Head of Department of Agriculture and Food Loev executive committee: "The decision was made. Let what you can today to remove feeding purposes. Lay on silage. And then seeded annual grasses. Millet, and sorghum. To compensate for the loss of crops at to forage crops. ")
For animal feed, or just under the plow — today in two districts of Gomel go tenth grain areas. Do not give the situation can only become catastrophic weather. If the rains come, the crops that have not affected the heat, can be saved.


Source: The time factor.

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