In Britain, the mysterious death of dogs


1.06.11.V British town of Cross Hills, located in North Yorkshire, are investigating the mysterious death of 13 dogs. All of them died in terrible convulsions after a walk around the local lake, where they were taken hosts. Three dogs were rescued, but they are still in a serious condition, writes The Daily Mail.

Poor animals died an agonizing death after only a few minutes after returning home. In most cases, the owners did not even have time to call the vet. The symptoms of a mystery illness or poisoning resemble epilepsy, reports NEWSru Israel.

In particular, the 71-year old dog Eileen Johnson named Diesel died 10 minutes after I came home from a walk. She put the kettle in the kitchen when she heard the impact and turned to see that her 6-year-old dog fell to the floor in a fit.

"We're walking through the country for five days a week, and I just can not believe it happened. He was small, sweet, playful dog. He had never been sick, and then died suddenly, as if someone came in and shot him in front of me, "- said the affected woman.

After doctors made an autopsy dead dogs, they made sure that it is a poison, but the cause can not yet name. Of assumptions — poisoning secretions slugs or ingestion of toxic mushrooms. We also consider the version according to which a poisonous substance is dissolved in the water of the lake. Also, do not rule out the fact that the animals could deliberately poisoned by criminals.

Pending the results of examination of the local authorities cordoned off the path leading to the lake. Investigation of the incident is also covered by the staff of the Royal Society for the Suppression of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).



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