In Buryatia rabies outbreak


ULAN-UDE, March 4 — RIA Novosti. Veterinary doctors discovered a deadly animal and human diseases — rabies — the three cows in the village Mikhailovka Zakamensky region of Buryatia, where control measures have already begun, experts destroy stray animals and teach pet cats and dogs in the village will be quarantined, told RIA Novosti on Friday Representative of the Government of Buryatia.

"The decision on the introduction of quarantine in the village, where the dangerous infection sick three head of cattle, this order to be published on Friday, according to preliminary data, the contamination of livestock comes from the wild fox," — said the official.

Rabies — an infectious disease caused by a virus. The virus causes a specific encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in humans and animals. Transmitted through saliva through the bite of an infected animal. People infected with the virus of rabies is almost invariably fatal within a few days in the event of symptoms (but emergency vaccination after infection usually prevents the development of symptoms). Cases of recovery from the symptoms of rabies are rare.

As the representative of the government of Buryatia, is preparing a decree on the introduction of Mikhailovka quarantine.

Positive for rabies in three cows in Mikhailovka obtained in virology laboratory in Irkutsk, the data on this arrived in Ulan-Ude on Thursday evening.

As the representative of EMERCOM in Buryatia, in Mikhailovka live 1,2 thousand people, contains 2.7 thousand head of cattle, 500 head of sheep and cattle, 400 horses, 1.3 thousand poultry. The staff of the Veterinary Buryatia the necessary arrangements: organized accounting domestic animals, control the import and export of livestock products, prohibited sale of food of animal origin, not subjected to veterinary and sanitary inspection. On the territory of Mikhailovka rabies vaccinated 129 cats, 47 dogs. Organized capture and destruction of stray animals, the source said.

On-scene fire task force garrison specialists Buryat republic station on animal disease control, police, emergency workers said.

RIA Novosti

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