In Chebarkulsky cope with the consequences of Saturday's storm.

The village Sarafanova Chebarkulsky district of Chelyabinsk region on Saturday, May 14, hurricane winds blew off roofs of several houses and damaged wiring. Storm covered and the neighboring villages, but Sarafanova suffered more than other. As reported «URA.Ru» in the administration area Chebarkulsky, electricity has been restored in the villages, is being asked to determine the amount of damages.
The situation is under control of the governor of the Southern Urals Mikhail Yurevich. "In the area of hurricane Chebarkulsky posryvalo rooftops. Sarafanova settlement without light. Instructed to eliminate the consequences of operational services, "- wrote on Saturday in his" Twitter "Mikhail Yurevich.Albina Zolotukhin, photo — Vadim Akhmetov, © News Service «URA.Ru»

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