In Cherkasy Tyasmin die in the river fish


6.06.11.V Cherkasy region in the river Tyasmin dying fish. The cause of death of fish are now trying to establish ekologi.Ob, said acting chief medical sanitary epidemiological station area Vladimir Cherkassky Kupriy correspondent GolosUA.

"The water has a low oxygen content. Perhaps this was the reason. We took the fish on the analysis and found there are no toxic chemicals. But found that there is an increased water pollution. In addition, a few days before the fish kill was a big rain in bold, and atmospheric waters with run into Tyasmin ", — said V. Kupriy.

He also said that now rybinspektsiya and Environmental Inspectorate is investigating the situation. Their findings will be submitted to the environmental prosecutor's office will determine the measure of guilt and punishment. Also this week, consider the question of Cherkassy district administration officials during a meeting of the commission on emergency situations.


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