In China, a goat, born without hind legs, could walk in the front

Goat works wonders.  Photo: sxc.huHorned three can run around the yard without stopping.
In China, a goat, born without hind legs, became a local celebrity after she learned to walk on their front legs

LVI Shanley, owner of the goat Yang Yang said that the three-goat can run around his yard three times without stopping, reports OrangeNews.

Shanley, who 61 years old, lives in the village Heksing, in the province of Liaoning. When the goat was born with little stumps instead of hind legs, Shanley did not think she would survive, writes

— She tried to get up, but after many attempts, she could not, and the only thing that could make a goat — is lying on the ground — said Shanley — We are working hard to care for her. My wife and I in turn carried it to her mother to breastfeed, and we expect that it will be able to survive and become strong and strong-willed.

Shanley decided to help Yang Yang, teaching her to walk on their front legs. Every day, he helped her to her feet and led her around the yard. A month later, Yang Yang was able to do it herself.

— Now she goes to her mother every day. I am already 61 years old, but I have never seen or heard of such a thing — said Shanley.

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