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Evicted from their homes by the peasants are forced to live in makeshift temporary shelters. Shandong Province. 2009. Photo from

23.12.10.Poslednie years throughout China is massive wave of demolitions of peasant houses and seize land from farmers.

Authorities say they are doing it to improve the lives of people, but in fact their life is deteriorating, and the officials get big profits from the sale of land and supplement their loss of local budget.

At present, Chinese authorities launched a nationwide movement "resettlement farmers in high-rise buildings." However, it is not only violated the traditional way of life of farmers, but also deprived them of opportunities to grow vegetables and fruit, as well as domestic animals and poultry. As a result, their quality of life significantly decreased.

Government policy under the slogan "build new villages", "invite farmers to live in high-rise buildings", "tear down in order to improve life" has already covered 26 provinces and cities in China, according to the publication "Xin Jiyuan."

Despite the fact that, according to government regulation in the process of resettlement should be observed first of all the interests of the peasants, in fact the opposite is true. Local authorities forced farmers at low prices to sell their lands and houses, with, at best, give them the opportunity to take out loans and buy apartments in new buildings, and at worst — do not give them any compensation or new apartments.

"My concern is that I have not given a certificate of title to the apartment in which I moved. Our life was not so happy, as promised power. Now you have to pay for expensive utility bills, including a lift. We used to grow vegetables and keep livestock, and now it's impossible. All we have to buy. After resettlement level of our lives opposite dropped, "- says Zhou Wenhui, a farmer from the village of Sibey Jiangsu Province.

However, to move into a new apartment, even without land, you can call it luck. So many farmers were dropped even such happiness.

"Our house was demolished in 2007. Authorities have seized about three acres of land, but to this day no one has given a new apartment. We are paid 5 yuan ($ 0.7) a day for us to sustain itself. Most of us live in makeshift temporary shelters, "- says Zhunmey Gu, a farmer from the village of SINS Jiangsu Province.

In the village of Anhui TENS 11 elderly peasants lost their homes and land in 2008. Until now, they were living in temporary shelters, and this year, one by one they died of cold and disease, and one of those who lost their homes, killed herself.

"We still have not given compensation, and so far we do not see where the authorities are going to build a new village, which we were promised," — says a farmer from the village by the name of Van.

In the surrounding villages of the city of Jining, Shandong Province, the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius, for this year were destroyed tens of thousands of peasant homes, more than 500 thousand peasants lost their land. Just under half of them were settled in their new homes, and the rest are living in makeshift temporary shelters.

At the meeting in July in Haikou City Forum "The union of the village and the city: Trends and Challenges", Chen Xiwen, an official from the Center for Development and Research of the State Council, pointed out that such large-scale demolition and relocation taking place in peacetime, "never before this has happened in the history of China or abroad. " He also noted that with the resettlement of peasants in flats land passed over to the city and if the process is not stopped, could "happen a disaster."

Several years ago, the village peasants Nuntszin Chongqing engaged in commercial cultivation of mushrooms. They are now all moved into apartment buildings and left without land.

"Now we have nothing to do, all day playing cards or mahjong. We have repeatedly appealed to the authorities, telling them that it will take some time and we'll go looting to feed themselves. We were promised a happy life in new homes, it's all a lie, the government has deceived us, "- said a local resident by the name of Dai.

The village Chzhuansy Shandong after the demolition of houses, many farmers were forced to take to the bush. Due to the severe environmental conditions within three months, more than 20 people died, one committed suicide. But even in this case, the authorities do not stop, they planned for the next five years to take down another 5572 villages of the available 6274.

This behavior of the authorities due to the fact that they need to close the large "holes" in the local budget, and the most effective way, it is in land and real estate, the newspaper writes.

One of the officials level city officials said, "In my possession is a million peasant households, and I'm going for 3-5 years, all of them completely demolished. As a result, free, up in at least 50 hectares of land, which can be earned 700 billion yuan ($ 100 billion). For the sake of those profits can go at all. "

County authorities Venshan Shandong province last year sold to the city of Jining 74 hectares of land, and made a profit of 100 million yuan ($ 14.2 million). Officials of local farmers forced to sell their homes for demolition costs 160 ~ 550 yuan ($ 22.8 ~ 78.5) per square meter, while the new apartment they were given a price of 800 ~ 1000 yuan per square meter Many people had to take out loans in the bank, not to be left on the street.

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