In Crimea, a growing number of mental illnesses

Head of the children's department at CRU "Clinical Psychiatric Hospital" Eugene Pancake: The state of health of children and parents recognized the problem.  Photo by the author.Crimean doctors are sounding the alarm: the peninsula is growing rate of mental illness, but the government does not care about the global problem of society. Money for mental health care offer little, and problems accumulated with interest. Various diseases and disorders associated with mental health, today one in five people suffers autonomy. Causes of neurosis, psychosis, enuresis, or more severe as schizophrenia or epilepsy, alas, abound. To adversely affect the human psyche alcoholism, drug addiction, man-made disasters, unemployment, computer addiction and poor environmental conditions. But the main reason that people are gradually going crazy, derives from social disadvantage, for example, family problems or unemployment. Not a good life citizens are depressed, degrade and put on herself. Just last year, in the Crimea was 457 suicides. However, for mental health care to doctors people do not go, afraid to make public their problems. And because society rejects psihbolnyh, they go to psevdotselitelyam and charlatans who prey on people's misfortunes. But if adults are more likely to solve the problem, the children sometimes it is simply catastrophic situation.

— Crimean children suffer from mental disorders, and behavioral disorders and schizophrenia — said at a press conference in Simferopol head of the children's department KRA "Clinical Psychiatric Hospital" Eugene Pancake. — On the state of health of children and parents recognized the problem. Over the past 20 years has grown two generations, which no one did. Part of the population abuses alcohol and narkopreparatami, preferring free sexual relationships, and these people give birth to disabled children. The state pays the money for the birth of children, but no one took into account that in the first place to give birth to a marginal group: these moms keep at up to three years because of the money, and then send their children to boarding schools.

Despite all this, the Crimean doctors insist that it is healthy for people to get used and normally treat patients and not to people to integrate into society, overcoming pressure and mockery.

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Today in Crimea reported 49,000 mentally ill people, of which 10,000 have a disability. Annual treatment is half. In Crimea there are 5 fixed republican branches and 4 city. Activity index suitsidogennoy 100,000 Crimeans in 2010 was 23.3%.

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