In Crimea, caught a shark from the Pacific Ocean


25.12.10.U Sevastopol coast, right in the city harbor, caught a rare and dangerous sea predator. Online caught goblin shark, which lives in the Pacific Ocean at great depths.

Until now, scientists know little about its habits and even numbers. Now, still wondering how this shark ended up thousands of miles away from home.

Sebastopol many fishermen were surprised when they caught the monster. It saw many marine reptiles, but fell for the first time such an instance. The footage that came to the site "Mobile Reporter", is seen as the sailors do not know what to do with the catch.

In the network of Ukrainian fishermen got shark house, or a goblin shark. Fish got its name for a bizarre form ends with a long snout shark klyukovidnym outgrowth. This species is poorly understood, science knows less than five dozen copies. Brownie lives off the coast of Japan in the Pacific, and how he came to Antlantike where another salinity — is unclear.

"I know cases where swam blue or tiger shark, but they swam to the shores of the Bosphorus and went back for them the salinity barrier was insurmountable," — says the Fund's custodian Sevastopol aquarium Alla Korotkov.

Scientists believe that this instance is a goblin shark, not the largest of its kind, was in the Black Sea due to man.

"Most likely, attracted hobbyists, many yacht comes in Sevastopol and, most of all, she fell over the side," — says researcher at the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas Julia Korneichuk.

Goblin shark lives at a depth of 200 meters. Studied this type are scarce. Is not even known whether it is threatened and there is aggressive toward humans. Sevastopol for oceanographers now a mystery how long goblin shark lived in the Black Sea.

"There has been a large number of immigrants, but mostly due to human activities, so many of the fall in an unnatural environment for themselves and live," — says Yulia Korneichuk.

But now the days of this particular instance, it seems, are numbered. Do sharks brownie extremely valuable to collectors jaw. But was this sea dweller the only representative of its kind in the Sevastopol bay — is unknown.

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