In Denmark, for some unknown reason dying swans


COPENHAGEN, March 6. / Itar-Tass Morozov /. In the waters of the Danish capital only last month for an unknown reason, killed about 30 white birds.

Most of them, according to the Danish Ornithological Society, were older and got enough food. Scientists believe that, perhaps, a certain malicious or crazy poison swans in the capital's lakes and ponds.

At the same time as the National Veterinary Institute study found that the birds died from an infection caused by the bacterium "leukonostok" / Leuconostoc /. Because this agent is not found in the region, experts have come to the conclusion that they are a victim of accidental or intentional contamination.

"It's the only logical explanation, — says biologist Knud Flensted society. — Moore rolls on like birds waves. Usually the disease does not develop in this way. There is something mysterious. "

And before the young swans sometimes died in the winter because of a lack of food and various diseases, for example — lead poisoning. But the studied birds no symptoms of infection, and some of them died immediately, while others were previously paralyzed muscles of the throat and chest.

On the death of swans, for unknown reasons, in the Copenhagen lakes Danish Ornithological Society informed the mayor's office for the first time in early February.

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