In Denmark, the rains have flooded hundreds of homes. Video


As a result of heavy rains flooded homes in Copenhagen and does not work underground

4.07.11.Ulitsy Copenhagen went under water. In the capital of Denmark, closed subway disrupted the movement of buses and trains, not working telephone. For three hours in 150 millimeters of rain fell — is twice the monthly norm.

"I am already 40 years old live in Copenhagen. But I have never before seen such a "- says retired Kurt Petersen.

During the day, experts have recorded over Copenhagen over 12,000 lightning strikes. Today the weather improves. Weather again promises to heavy rains.

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In the capital of Denmark — flood

4.07.11.V city for two days, do not stop heavy rains with hail and thunderstorms. Precipitation is more than double the monthly norm. Flooded hundreds of buildings, mostly — the lower floors of buildings.

Most unlucky owners of shops, cafes and restaurants, which are located in the basement. Traffic on city highways almost fell. Does not work underground, suspended rail service. Livni damaged communication. Without the light remained about 10 thousand inhabitants. In addition, in many areas of the city turned off the hot water. No casualties yet reported.

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3.07.11.Sotni homes were flooded in the capital of Denmark — Copenhagen — because of heavy rainfall that began last night. In the center of the city under water were some of the streets, subways and the lower floors of buildings.

Highways Agency has informed the closure of the country's four major highways around the capital city, as well as violations of the timetable of passenger trains.

Due to gusty winds in the city were damaged power lines and telephone services, according to ITAR-TASS.

Element descended on Copenhagen on Saturday night. Showers were accompanied by large hail, thunder and lightning — Danish Meteorological Institute has counted 12,000 digits. In some areas of the city just a few hours 150 millimeters of rain fell, which, according to the meteorologist on duty, twice the monthly norm.

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