In Eastern Slovakia introduced emergency


The cause was a powerful hurricane. Damage from it in the hundreds of thousands of euros. Photo:

Bratislava, April 10. In eastern Slovakia authorities have imposed a state of emergency. To take this step guide forced raging storm today, transmits radio "Mayak".

The greatest impact of elements was in the towns in the foothills of the Tatra Visoki. Just in the same city the amount of material damage exceeded 200 thousand euros.

Wind gusts in some places reached 120 kilometers per hour. As a result, thousands of trees were knocked down, severed power lines. Many buildings were left without roofs. In addition, disrupted the movement of trains.

Now utilities and energy make every effort to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

It is possible that new storms sweep across the territory of Slovakia. In recent years, this force of nature is no longer a rarity for the country. Scientists believe that due to global climate change on Earth.


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