In Egypt, rural bus washed


30.12.10.V the fall of the school bus in the mudslide on the road Assiut — El Minya in southern Egypt died six people, including five local women students of the secondary school, reported local media on Thursday.

The night before, due to bad weather school transport driver lost control on a slippery road from the rain, and a bus carrying children crashed in stormy mudslide, RIA "Novosti".

Arrived on the scene officers "fast" helped get off the bus schoolgirls and their accompanying adults.

The driver of "fast", who helped search for blown stream students, was in a strong current and could not get to shore. The bodies of the six victims of the incident, rescuers found early Thursday morning.

A total of 53 people have suffered an accident, including 51 schoolgirl.

Students of female high school back in Assiut from a day trip to the city of El Minho, the center of the eponymous province in Egypt.


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