In Egypt, the pipeline exploded. Video


12.07.11.Vo Tuesday, July 12, at a gas distribution station in Egypt, a massive explosion.

The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, told the media that four armed men in masks were ordered to leave the protection of, and then laid the explosives and blew up the station.
According to official sources, the explosion no one was hurt. Arrived at the scene Governor of North Sinai and the heads of the security services. Search was initiated criminals.

It should be noted that this is the second explosion in the Sinai pipeline this month, through which gas to Israel and Jordan. For the attack, no one on not picked up, but government sources report that most likely it was the work of the Bedouins.

After this kind of sabotage Egyptian experts in the past required a minimum of a few weeks to resume the pipeline. It was assumed, however, that after the incident on July 4 gas starts flowing to Israel at the end of this week, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the official version, the presumed target of sabotage — to disrupt the supply of gas to Israel. Specialists note that from Egypt to the country comes 45 percent natural gas.

Source: Lead

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