In English, the sky appeared inverted rainbow. Photo


The colors of the rainbow "reverse" in reverse order

4.07.11.Zhiteli UK witnessed a rare phenomenon, which they call "a smile in the sky." Just a few minutes rainbow hung "upside down" over England. But resourceful British managed to capture the unique phenomenon, characteristic of the North and South Poles.

Unlike traditional rainbow, "smile in the sky" appears on a blank sky, no rain clouds. The sun's rays should cover at an angle like a thin veil of haze clouds at a height of 7 — 8000 meters.

At this altitude cirrus clouds are made of tiny ice crystals. When bulging clouds of ice crystals fall under the sun — the light is reflected into the atmosphere, but people can not see the colorful event.

Inverted rainbow much brighter than usual, and the colors are reversed — from violet to red.

But as soon as the order of the crystal is broken, colorful effect disappears, and "smile in the sky" is dissolved.

Eyewitnesses are proud that they were able to seize the moment and take pictures, "shifter".

— Just eight minutes she was in heaven, and then disappeared completely. All around stood still and looked at the sky. No one ever seen such beauty. And if someone told me, I would not believe it! But I saw it with my own eyes! — Said William Freeman.

In England, such a phenomenon was observed several times. But the territory of Russia is much greater, so the experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences was not surprised inverted rainbow, but rather said that sometimes a rainbow appears and we have.

— Yes, we are familiar with this phenomenon, we were periodically received similar reports from FIAN — Life News, said the spokesman of the RAS.

Julia Melnychuk

Source: Life News Online

Inverted rainbow much brighter than usual


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