In Estonia die waxwings


Photo: Eesti Loomakaitse Selts

14.10.12.V past three days Estonian Humane Society has received reports of dead waxwings. Determination of the cause of death of birds involved the Environmental Inspectorate and the Department of Veterinary and food supervision.

The first mention of the seven dead waxwings found on the corner of Komeedi and Koidu in Tallinn, received public information hotline on 11 October around 15.00. The next day, this information is coming from both Tallinn and from Viimsi. In total, the Estonian SPCA learned of the death of 60 birds.

"Since the exact cause of death too early to speak, we can assume that we are dealing with the virus. The second option — the birds eat fermented berries fish, then in a state that resembles alcohol intoxication "- said a member of the Estonian Society for Animal Tania Selart.

She added that in this state birds can not navigate in space and begin to beat in the glass. "Glasses as such they do not see," — said Selart.

Estonian Society for Animal asked anyone who sees the dead on the streets of the country waxwings, call to the number the Department of Environment 1313.

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