In Europe, because of the dry weather came several forest fires

In the south of Switzerland, the fire spreads near the town of Visp. Firefighters even some can not yet determine the area of a fire. Sky was overcast with thick smoke, which seriously hampers the aircraft. Hot and dry weather, and the wind favors the rapid spread of flame.

Until now, you can not put out the fire and in the Belgian Ardennes. It burns wood in a unique nature reserve. Flames covered about a thousand acres of forest. Here to fight the fire also prevents the intense heat. In recent days, in Belgium the thermometer rises to 30 degrees Celsius.

Source: euronews, Channel, Associated Press

With the stroke of the fire element are struggling rescuers in Switzerland. In the south, in the canton of Valais raging forest fires. It all began with a fire in the garage on the outskirts of Visp. The flames quickly spread to the slopes.

Contributes to the spread of fire, dry and windy weather. In emergency operation involved more than 300 experts, from the air to help them helicopters. But so far to bring the situation under control is not possible.

Source: BBC News,


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