In failure. Photographic

But the places that you see in the pictures under the cut, failed over too. This is — a selection of photos of holes that can asunder right under your feet (or wheels) and absorb all. Fortunately, the majority of failures in this post caused only material damage, although some still carried with them, and human life.

(41 photos total)

1. A huge sinkhole in Guatemala. In this newly formed crater suddenly missing three. (REUTERS / Stringer)

2. Cars fell into an underground cave system on the road in the southern Italian city of Gallipoli. There were no injuries. (REUTERS / Fabio Serino)

3. Onlookers gathered at the destroyed part of the road in Nanchang, China. No one is hurt. (REUTERS / China Daily)

4. After a meteorite impact crater in the southern Peruvian city of Carangas, near the border with Bolivia. Farmers living near the day complaining of headaches and nausea. (REUTERS / Miguel Carrasco / La Razon)

5. Journalists working alongside a hole in the road in San Sebastian. A hole appeared after the storm. (REUTERS / Vincent West)

6. Sinkhole caused by rains in Guatemala. (REUTERS / Rodrigo Arias)

7. Aerial view of a huge sinkhole in Guatemala. (REUTERS / Casa Presidencial / Handout)

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8. Sinkhole in Guatemala. (REUTERS / Daniel LeClair)

9. Local residents watch the funnel next to an elementary school in the Chinese town of Ningxia. The hole is 150 m wide and 50 m deep has continued to rise since the introduction in January 2010, and has already destroyed 20 houses. Causes of the hole is unknown, but no one was hurt. (REUTERS / Stringer)

10. The hole in the center of Les Arcs, France, which appeared the day after unusually heavy rains. (REUTERS / Sebastien Nogier)

11. Craters from U.S. bombs in the village of CED Sofla in Afghanistan. U.S. Army considered that the village was a hangout Taliban and decided to destroy it. (REUTERS / Bob Strong)

12. The Libyan government claims that these craters were formed due to air raids in the Bab al-Aziziyah in Tripoli. (REUTERS / Louafi Larbi)

13. Truck fell into a hole, where the river of the bridge collapsed in Changchun. Injured two passengers. (REUTERS / China Daily)

14. Workers try to rebuild part of the bridge collapsed in Hangzhou. Was passing at that moment on the bridge with steel pipes truck fell into a hole, but the driver managed to jump out of the cab and escaped with minor injuries. (REUTERS / China Daily)

15. Sinkhole in the road after the floods in Hyderabad.

16. The bus fell into the road suddenly opened a hole in Lisbon. No one was hurt, the bus was parked on the road. (REUTERS / Jose Manuel Ribeiro)

17. Falled part of the highway that connects the capital of Hebei and Shanxi provinces. The cause of the hole at 100 m long and 10 m wide known. No one is hurt. (CHINA OUT REUTERS / China Daily)

18. Palestinians look at the destruction of the tunnels after the Israeli air attacks in Gaza. (REUTERS / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

19. An aerial view of the wreckage of an apartment building and damaged roads in the village of Nachterstedt. As a result of the funnel lost three people. (REUTERS / Handout / Gemeindeverwaltung Nachterstedt)

20. Policemen inspect the destroyed part of the intersection in Hefee. In the hole collapsed and several motorcycle taxi. (REUTERS / China Daily)

21. Jordanian Bedouin herding cattle near the funnel, which appeared on the southern shores of the Dead Sea. Scientists have warned that the Dead Sea is slowly but surely drying up, and that in 50 years it may just not be. (REUTERS / Ali Jarekji)

24. Workers repairing the collapsed stretch of highway in Xi'an, China. No one was hurt as a result of the hole in the depth of 6 m, 15 m long and 10 m wide. (REUTERS / China Daily)



27. Rescue workers stand next to the road section 549 struck near the lake Lendvetter, near Gothenburg. (REUTERS / Bjorn Larsson Rosvall / SCANPIX SWEDEN)

28. Sinkhole damage parts of Highway 15 in San Diego. The funnel was the result of pipeline explosion, damage due to heavy rainfall.

29. Residents of the Spanish town of Castelldefels pass the failed machine into the hole after heavy rains. (REUTERS / Gustau Nacarino)

30. Rescuers are trying to get a car crashed into a flooded hole in Rio de Janeiro. The passenger managed to escape through the passenger window. (REUTERS / Bruno Domingos)

31. Big hole after the earthquake in India.

32. Municipal workers in Los Angeles are looking at crater caused by heavy rains on the road in Sun Valley. (REUTERS / Gene Blevins)

33. The workers are trying to get out of the car struck the area highway in Guangzhou. (REUTERS / China Daily)

34. Part of the crumbling road in Beijing. (REUTERS / Stringer)

35. Worker inspects a 25-meter crater appeared in Bellyuv Hill, one of the most expensive areas of Sydney. No one is hurt. (REUTERS / Daniel Munoz)

36. A woman walks past the damaged section of the road near the village of Palo Blanco in the Canary Islands. (REUTERS / Santiago Ferrero)

37. General view of a large crater that appeared early in the morning in the German town Shmalkalden. (REUTERS / Alex Domanski)

38. Reckless dog fell into a hole that appeared in one of the districts of Caracas. (REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

39. Aerial view of the damaged highway de Gran Marikal Ayukucho in the state of Miranda, near Caracas. (REUTERS / Miranda Government / Handout)

40. Residents look at a section of road fell upon after flooding west of Brisbane. (REUTERS / Alicia Morrison)


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