In Georgia, 20,000 villagers were left without light


13.02.11.V dozen villages Khulo and Shuakhevi area (southwest Georgia) as a result of snowfall snow cover has now reached 4 meters. Such a strong snowfall in these border areas with Turkey was 50 years old.

As reported today by the local authorities, because of the disaster damaged dozens of private homes, power lines, which led to power cuts of about 20 thousands of villagers. Snow drifts blocked the road links with many villages. Because of the snowfall killed several hundred units of livestock and poultry.

Now in the affected areas organized the reconstruction of damaged facilities, clearing roads and removing snow from the roofs of houses and office buildings.

Earlier, heavy snowfalls were in southwest Georgia on February 8-9. Then, in a few villages was disrupted power supply and damaged infrastructure. Reverse the effects of the disaster have a day later, on February 12, but precipitation resumed.

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