In Goragorsk land out from under the feet

Residents of the village Goragorsk spent the night on his feet, because the land out from under them. The fact that the houses are in the area of landslides, rains wash away the soil, it begins to move. Every minute of it can lead to tragedy. NTV correspondent Fatima Dadaeva find out why people do not leave their homes and they hoped.

Weather — only for what are closely watching the villagers Goragorsk located in Nadterechny district of Chechnya. All week there are rains. Local residents fear that heavy rainfall could cause mudslides and landslides.

Dagaev Hussein, a resident of the village: "This is a landslide area, literally ground away from under their feet. At night, when you sleep, silence is the case, hear how things are cracked. All houses in disrepair. "

More than 500 homes are considered to be accidental, it's practically the whole village. Dilapidated buildings with warped walls resemble an abandoned village. Strong foundation here — a rarity, he or collapsed or gone underground. The roofs of almost all the houses are kept on supports on the walls of deep cracks. The houses are about to collapse.

Mosha Umarov, a resident of the village: "Every day for two to three meters of my house goes down. I can not sleep at night at all pops house. Curves window, curved doors. Every morning, I planed the door and go outside. "

Eza Tsotsoeva, a resident of the village, "How long will we live like this? My strength was over, I was old. Please help us, I beg you! "

Eza Tsotsoeva — long-liver this village, she is already 90. Recently found in his house she is afraid, especially at night. Landslide zone Goragorsk recognized by more than 30 years ago. Several times the state residential special commission investigated. Houses found in an emergency, and the territory unsuitable for construction, but people have not moved.

Adam Tutaev, mayor Goragorsk: "Promise relocation, full relocation of the village, a total of 582 households. Land plot of 25 hectares in the village of New Town. "

It is not known when construction will begin a new settlement. Local government prepares documents. Who would have long gone from here. Only those who do it on their own can not. Yangulbievyh family — the biggest here, along with grandchildren, there are 16 people.

Zara Yangulbieva, a resident of the village: "Today was cleaning the water six or seven times, not sleeping at night, throw the water."

People fear that any home can suddenly collapse. Especially hard for the old and sick, so the youth organized a night patrol. Small groups of guys bypass every street, looking to see if new lesions.

Hard to believe that in place of a deep pit a few years ago, people lived and trails. After another landslide tenants moved and built a bypass road. Now the villagers fear that landslides again cut them outside. With each thrust shifts to road.

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