In Greenland, formed a giant iceberg


In Greenland, having broken away from the Petermann Glacier, formed a giant iceberg twice the size of Manhattan. This fact was recorded by NASA satellites.

For several years, scientists have monitored the crack occurred near the northern tip of the glacier. On Monday, a block of ice surface of 120 square kilometers completely separated from it, according to ITAR-TASS. Experts do not rule out that this may be due to the warming of the earth, even though 100 percent proof that not.

"This is an event that is causing concern — said the professor at the University of Delaware Munchou Andreas, who was one of the first to find a crack. — We have data for the last 150 years, and today we see the changes that have not seen before."

Two years ago, broke away from the Petermann glacier is a large-sized block of ice. Lndyanoy island of 260 square kilometers formed between Greenland and Canada, about a thousand kilometers from the North Pole. He has also been detected by satellite of NASA.


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