In Haiti, the hurricane season has begun

As the, Haiti 23 people were victims of floods and landslides. With the start of hurricane season rainfall does not stop there for more than a week, many of the banks out of the rivers. According to local residents, the flow of water simply washed away easily temporary home, in which, after the devastating earthquake there are millions of people in Haiti:

"The water came like a waterfall, she demolished houses, push them against each other, killing the people inside."

Restoration work is difficult as interrupted traffic on major roads.

Housing situation after last year's earthquake has not improved, and numerous tent cities could be seriously injured as a result of new beats elements. In addition, the Haitian authorities fear that flood can lead to a new outbreak of cholera, which victims in the last year were more than five thousand people, according to Euronews.

Dmitry Shevlyakov, ReporterUA

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