In Iran are mass arrests of Christians


6.01.11.V Iran arrested the leaders of the Christian minority, who are accused of promoting "irreconcilable versions" of their religion. As reported by Iranian state television, the mayor of Tehran, Morteza Tamadon detained supporters called "corrupt and deranged current." The exact number of detainees is unknown.

Opposition channels in Iran argue that since December 25, have been arrested about 60 Christians.

As reported, the oppression of Christians in the Muslim world are observed in Nigeria, Egypt, and Iraq. In the night of January 1 of the year in the Egyptian city of Alexandria has been undermined by the Christian Church, killed 21 parishioners, about 100 people were injured.

Yet officially no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Earlier, the "Al-Qaeda" has threatened to undermine the Egyptian Christian churches.

Authorities believe that the explosion probably was carried by a suicide bomber.

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