In Ivano-Frankivsk region, decided to fight the storks

"In Ivano-Frankivsk region, about 500 nests of storks, the birds are platted on existing transmission towers, lift the metal platform. Thus electricity supply company is going to conduct environmental program" Stork. "In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, decided to raise the energy of almost 500 nests of storks , located on the wooden and concrete poles 0.4 kV power lines. "Nests on poles and pose a threat to storks," — for the birds decided to Technical Director of PJSC "Prykarpattyaoblenergo" Oleg Senic. As he said, the birds are often injured in collision with electric lines . as jacks prevent normal power supply, because they often occur in the electrical circuit, opens lines. During the rainy season the nest trigger additional losses of electricity. therefore decided to raise the bird home to spetsplatformy. " — The website "Arguments and Facts".

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