In Japan, because of the outbreak of bird flu will destroy hundreds of thousands of chickens


25.01.11.V Japanese prefecture of Miyazaki, due to the sudden outbreak of bird flu, officials Army Japan Self destroy 410,000 chickens, reported Jan. 24 news agency "Kyodo".

Operations for the destruction of birds will be attracted 170 people from the Self-Defense Forces. Over the weekend in the prefecture were reported two outbreaks of avian influenza H5. Already destroyed 10,000 chickens poultry farm near the city of Miyazaki.

Monday began the destruction of another 410,000 chickens at a poultry farm village Sintomi. Morning to participate in the operation to destroy the birds, and also sent 270 employees from the administration of the prefecture. This procedure is expected to take several days.

The spread of avian influenza in chickens in Miyazaki Prefecture has already taken so serious, that the government has created a special office to combat the disease. Quarantine on the movement of chickens and eggs put into a ten-zone from the sites of infection. All fall under this measure 4,000,000 chickens. Epidemiologists have not yet given the final results of the DNA that will be judged on the toxicity of the virus.

Previously, from October 2010 in seven regions — from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southern prefecture of Kagoshima — identified deaths of migratory birds from the extremely dangerous bird flu virus H5N1. In December 2010, the bird flu virus was found in Shimane Prefecture, was destroyed 21,000 birds.
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