In Japan, there were the first victims of the typhoon Songdo

Victim of typhoon "Songdo" in southwest Japan was one person, and two others were missing, authorities said on Monday in some southern regions of the country. According to the latest administration of Okinawa Prefecture, in the disaster affected more than 60 people.
A tropical cyclone is approaching the center of the island of Honshu is weak, but the strong wind and rain did not stop. Meteorologists warn of showers, which can lead to flooding and landslides, including the north-east in the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1".
The rainy season is a major concern of energy company Tokyo Electric Power — Emergency operator station. Its board of directors recognizes that nuclear power is not ready to poor weather conditions, because not all of the territory "Fukushima-1" are treated with a special resin, which prevents the spread of radioactive dust. Besides, heavy rains could weaken the soil and increase the flow of water into the lower station premises, which would complicate the work of their dehydration, ITAR-TASS reported.

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