In Japan, there were the first victims of typhoon Songdo

Victim of typhoon "Songdo" in southwest Japan was one person, and two others were missing, authorities said on Monday in some southern regions of the country. According to the latest administration of Okinawa Prefecture, in the disaster affected more than 60 people.

A tropical cyclone is approaching the center of the island of Honshu is weak, but the strong wind and rain did not stop. Meteorologists warn of showers, which can lead to flooding and landslides, including the north-east in the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1".

The rainy season is a major concern of energy company Tokyo Electric Power — Emergency operator station. Its board of directors recognizes that nuclear power is not ready to poor weather conditions, because not all of the territory "Fukushima-1" are treated with a special resin, which prevents the spread of radioactive dust. Besides, heavy rains could weaken the soil and increase the flow of water into the lower station premises, which would complicate the work of their dehydration, ITAR-TASS reported.

Hit by typhoon "Fukushima-1" triggers panic

To Japan reached typhoon "Songdo." Downpours, strong winds and multimeter waves — in the list of wounded dozens of people already. The storm is moving from south to north — where is the emergency nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1". Japanese admit to yet another disaster strike, despite the best efforts of experts, they just are not ready.

About PE in fifth reactor nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" workers learned the day before about 9:00 pm local time — in Moscow, it was 4 o'clock. This reactor, as well as another one, the sixth, until recently, did not cause any trouble — they both were not working at the time of the tsunami on March 11 and after that, all systems operated normally. However, on Saturday night in the fifth power unit refused to pump through seawater pumps in the cooling system. Then the temperature in the pool with spent nuclear fuel rods began to grow.

Station operator Tokyo Electric Power says that the situation is under control and in the day — after this morning launched redundant pumps, unit will return to normal "cold shutdown." However, a new fault has increased the already high degree of anxiety associated with the fact that the Japanese government can not cope with the liquidation of the accident at the nuclear power plant.

Additional concern is another factor — the climate. Japan began the tradition of the summer rainy season and typhoons. Right now, the Fukushima approaching powerful hurricane "Songdo" — he already suffered from dozens. Had to lose, at least, the new leak of radioactive water outside the destroyed station. If we disregard the problem in the fifth reactor, in disrepair are now four of the six reactors. And at first, second, and third was a full melting of nuclear fuel, and there are numerous injuries as external enclosures, including, for example, the lack of a roof, and probably inside the containment of the reactors themselves.

In order to prevent the ingress of water damaged units, they are going to cover with vinyl covers, but many experts believe that this is a weak hurricane protection. Especially as the radiation leak at the "Fukushima" somehow does not stop with the first days of the disaster.


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