In Kachkanar tap water stink, and died in the pond crawfish


* 8/28/11 * public utilities have begun to doubt that the reason this — algae.

Residents and officials fix unpleasant musty odor coming from the tap water, and the laboratory of the Center for Hygiene, guided by their own sense of smell, they say that all the indicators — normal.

In parallel, in the pond, according to the divers died massively crayfish. In the field say it is possible because of draining the pond of heavy metals. In Rospotrebnadzor categorically deny this version.

Bad smell of tap water for the first time felt the residents Kachkanar about two weeks ago. Since then, the management company has received more than 30 applications in the administration of the city — about 40, the editors "Thursday" — more than 20. Disturbing signals coming from different districts of the city.

— We immediately noticed that the water stink. This happened a few days after the communal started after two weeks of repair hot water. When drinking from the tap running — the aroma is weak, but as soon as the boil — so at least the nose caulk. Last year, we were saved bottled water, really, and this year will be as well? What's going on with the water? What we bullied? — Says a resident of "piece of wood" on the street. October.

In this stinking smell similar to last year, records not only ordinary people but also the bureaucrats themselves.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Zyuz says personally check the quality of water:

— In maker fill water, boil, sniff. Yes, indeed there is an unpleasant odor. Yesterday, in particular, smelled chemical. One can not agree with people — the "flavor" dazhet remotely resembles the smell of dust.

According to the responsible for housing and communal services, water stinks just like last year, but only in times weaker. Experts, according to Vladimir Ivanovich, say that smells of damp earth.

Algae — is not the reason

Last year, the main reason for the stench was called active algae bloom, which was caused by sustained hot and dry weather. The plants, as they said then officials have blossomed because of that summer for the first time was not produced water discharge from one reservoir to another.

Over the last year, officials, public utilities and members only and did a research on the causes and prevention of algal blooms. Various programs and measures were discussed both in meetings and in the parliamentary committees. In late May, the reservoir started nizhnevyyskoe 1,300,000 ripusa larvae that were purchased at tavatuyskom rybnorazvodnom plant. Ripus — biomeliorator fish, feed on plankton (including blue-green algae) and small fish, thereby purifying the water body from harmful plants.

Also during the summer, said Vladimir Zyuz repeatedly resets, which was to regulate the water level and temperature of the two reservoirs. These measures, according to officials, had rid the city of the scourge in the form of an unpleasant smell.

— The idea is that we should not have been the smell, but for some reason he came. To be honest, I do not even know whether the cause of the algae. Soon we'll go investigate Verhnevyyskoe reservoir on trash, it can explain something, — says deputy for utilities.

According to him, at the present time, the federal research institute prepared for Kachkanar specification for inspection of the reservoir. In the future there will be a contest where the winner during the year examines the body of water on various indicators (even check the status of mud). The work will cost the city budget in 3.400.000 rubles. Currently, the city administration has only 900,000, and the rest will have to be to budget 2012.

Another interesting trend that said the deputy mayor, is the "selectivity" of odor:

— I have a house on the street. Mining and apartment 5A district. Somehow, in the "village" is the smell, but the apartment — no. Also, I noticed that yesterday tap water smelled and today (August 23 — approx. Aut.) I did not feel the smell. Now it does not exist there, nor there. Strange.

In this Thursday, August 25, said Vladimir Zyuz, he will trip to the region, where he plans to meet with scientists and to discuss the possible reasons you smell.

According to experts, the water does not smell

Production department Olga Sadreeva management company said that in recent UZHK received more than thirty applications from residents in low-quality cold water. According to Olga Nikolaevna, experts immediately responded to the complaint and made operational control at the following locations: 5-57, 11-26, 9-13, 10-61.

— Analyses were performed "Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology." The result — no, everything is normal. I do not even know it's talking to people. Verdict lab — nothing was found. Sample the smell is normal to two points, and they are generally forfeited. This means that there is no smell, no taste. Strange results, even if edinichku show — says Olga.

In her view, the analysis of odor — a rather subjective indicator, as experts of the center just sniffing samples of water and put the results on the basis of your own sense of smell. Special equipment to fix the smell does not exist.

— Last year, when this all started, we were forced to carry out self-monitoring. Now we take a month for ten samples of hot and cold water. The next month, check the 4th, 8th districts. We always choose different areas to encircle the city. But the figures are great, I do not know how to explain this — summarized Olga Sadreeva.

"Something is wrong"

Chief specialist Rospotrebnadzor Eugene Kabakov believes that vordohranilische is "something wrong." If, according to him, the reason for last year's odor was clear — this is the result of algal blooms because of the hot weather and lack of water discharge, but this year there is no clarity.

— This year was not a very hot summer, but the water still bloomed — it is very surprising. Water intake is at a depth of two to five meters to the algae came to such a depth, something really needs to happen — said Evgeny.

Crayfish — indicators of clean water — were killed

In parallel with the situation of drinking water, fishermen and divers have noted one strange trend — along the coast Nizhnevyyskogo reservoir extinct crayfish.

— The pond bottom strewn all dead crabs — lying, large and small. There is no one alive. Fish swims, and crabs died. It's not even interesting, and scary — said last week the 48-year-old Vladimir.

In the city administration confirmed information about the death of cancer, adding that similar signals are received in their department.

Fishers Union representative for the Sverdlovsk region Vitaly Medvedev suggested that the aquatic inhabitants could have died because of man-made pollution — when there are any water drains.

— Cancer — it is the body, which in its way is an indicator of clean water, he feels the presence in it of any impurities. It is usually heavy metals. Cancer lives at the bottom, and the metals are deposited there. It's definitely not chlorinated or volatile substances — something that disappears from the surface and gives the fish to breathe, is what settles to the bottom and is not visually evident. This can be a drain, it most likely poisoned at a chemical level. If they are killed en masse, then there is something serious, — said Vitaly L..

Water at PH (alkaline balance) may be normal for human and fish, but for cancers to become unusable. The reason for this — the pond used to be alkaline, and then abruptly became acidic. As he says, PH can be changed only in one case — if something in the water to drain to the presence of heavy metals.

Rospotrebnadzor representative denied the possibility of discharge to Kachkanarsky pond. If before there get water from the filter plant, then for several years the water is drained out into the sewer.

— If someone dropped something in the water, I can not imagine how much of the substance should be in this case. Takes a dump in order to poison the water, and even that smell was. And it shows up in a certain time — in the second half of August. All evidence points to the fact that this is a purely natural factors. And the death of cancer is a separate case — said Eugene Kabakov.

Last week, on the opposite shore of the pond TRAVEL Commission administration officials, rescue workers and environmentalists.

— I was told that in a pond many dead crabs. We surveyed the whole coast, but none of us did not see them. I personally tortured dive, but could not find it. It is necessary for people to show a specific place, I am ready to go with them again, — said Deputy Vladimir Zyuz on housing.

During the test, said Vladimir, he was informed that a man pulled net full of dead crabs:

— However, neither the man nor the dead crabs, I have not seen.

If you know anything about the possible causes of death of cancer or smell of water, call reporters CN: 2-56-99

To be continued.

Hope Lesnikova

Source: Kachkanarsky Thursday

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